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Big Memory/Enterprise Ehcache

Go Big, Go Fast: Terabytes at Microsecond Speeds!

Grow without bounds and achieve dramatic improvements in application performance and scalability.

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Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory is the world’s premier in-memory data management platform for achieving extremely low, predictable latency at any scale. Whether you’re talking about in-memory data sets on a single server or distributed across hundreds, nothing else goes this big and this fast!

With the same availability, reliability and management/monitoring tools you’re used to with legacy data management systems, Big Memory also offers the same simplicity you’re used to with the open-source Ehcache API, the de-facto Java caching standard.

Snap in. Speed up. Scale out

Integration of Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory into your applications is seamless, requiring as few as two lines of configuration changes and no ripping up of existing application code for a faster, easier, more broadly applicable approach to achieving high-performance scalability.

So easy that Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory is most often live in production within weeks!

Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory allows you to:

  • Achieve extremely low, predictable latency at any scale
  • Meet ALL your SLAs, ALL the time
  • Gain headroom for terabytes (TB) of data growth by using all the RAM on your servers, without garbage collection pauses or expensive and complex tuning
  • Keep your existing applications code and design
  • Offload slow access to expensive databases or mainframes
  • Configure data consistency, resiliency, availability and backups
  • Save on licensing, administration and hardware costs
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Capabilities: Scalability

Keep ALL of your data—up to hundreds of terabytes—instantly available in RAM distributed across any size server array and cloud environment

Scalability without bounds

Enterprise Ehcache gives business-critical applications the capacity for non-disruptive, cost-efficient growth and migration to cloud environments. Whether you have tens of Gigabytes or hundreds of Terabytes of data, Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory can store it all in-memory for a fraction (factor 10-100) of the servers needed by classic P2P in-memory grids like Oracle® Coherence.

This is because of its unique ability to use ALL the RAM available on each server in the cluster. No other in memory solution on the market compares!

Cost-efficient capacity

As your data and number of users skyrocket, so can expenses. Enterprise Ehcache helps you keep those costs in check in two ways:

  • Enabling cost-efficient scale out using commodity servers.

The solution’s unique tiered architecture allows high-performance access to very large caches without requiring hundreds of servers to fit all of the cache in memory. Also, the software maximizes memory utilization—so you can cache even more data on less hardware.

  • Reducing your reliance on expensive databases.

Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory can help you save in software licenses, hardware costs and ongoing administration. Some of our customers have slashed their database costs in half, with some avoiding more than $10 million in expenses a year.

Enterprise Ehcache lets you also steer clear of costly, time-consuming code re-writes, which alternative scaling approaches require.

Bottom line: Enterprise Ehcache is the most effortless, flexible and cost-efficient way to scale enterprise applications.

Flexible scale-up / scale-out architecture

Enterprise Ehcache has a flexible, multi-tier architecture that lets you add capacity when and where it’s needed. Not only Enterprise Ehcache lets you seamlessly add more memory storage capacity directly on your applications servers for ultra-low data access latency (up to the RAM available), but it also allows for massive scale-out to handle larger workload without a sweat. Similar to RAID, the Enterprise Ehcache cluster is configured into groups of servers to form mirrored stripes. You can easily add more stripes on demand to increase throughput and total addressable cache size.

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Capabilities: Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Ehcache is built for mission-critical applications that demand the highest levels of throughput, availability and scale. Its rich capability set allows you to solve performance and scale issues across the enterprise, yet still address the unique requirements of individual applications.

High availability

Features automatic failover between mirrored servers to prevent application downtime and data loss. Also supports full data backup to disks (SSD, flash) for extreme data resiliency, as well as disaster recovery and other geographic proximity architectures with reliable datacenter to datacenter replication across WAN. Proven to deliver “5 nines” (99.999 percent) availability in production environments with no single point of failure.

Monitoring & management

Includes a Developer’s Console and an Operations Console for visibility into the product’s configuration, performance and operational state. Displays important data such as cache hit and miss rates, as well as memory usage within the client and server applications.

Flexibility & control

Supports operation across the entire data consistency continuum, enabling trade-offs between throughput, latency and data access. Provides unmatched flexibility with independently adjustable configuration parameters for each cache as well as for data types within a cache.

Rich data management capability set

Meets the requirements of mission-critical enterprise environments with robust features that include Eviction Policies, Automatic Resource Control Sizing, Bulk Loading, Data Consistency guarantees, Write-behind / Read-Through, Cache Pinning, Event Listeners, Explicit Distributed Locking, Robust transaction support, as well as many distributed data structures for advanced use cases (via Terracotta Toolkit API).

Powerful In-Memory search/queries

Quickly searches billions of cache entries—gigabytes, even terabytes of data—with results returned in less than a second. Provides a fast, low cost alternative to performance-killing RDBMS queries through a flexible, easy-to-use API and/or common SQL statements.

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Capabilities: Simplicity

Plug-in instant speed & scalability

Enterprise Ehcache snaps into existing applications, letting you add scale and performance without overhauling your code or development practices.

Just two lines of configuration

Enterprise Ehcache is the ideal solution for need-it-now improvements in performance and scalability. You can turn on the power of in-memory big data and distributed caching by changing just two lines of configuration. There’s no need to rewrite your code or redesign your application. In fact, many of our customers validate their use case within just a few days.

Seamless integration

You don’t have to alter how you architect, develop or deploy your application to solve hard scalability problems with Enterprise Ehcache. The solution uses standard APIs and snaps into existing applications and infrastructure with minimal disruption. Enterprise Ehcache works seamlessly with mainstream Java development frameworks and containers, both open source and commercial, including:

  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Jetty
  • Glassfish
  • WebLogic
  • WebSphere

It also integrates seamlessly with Apache Hadoop® in order to gain access to big data intelligence in real-time.

Trusted technology with open-source

Enterprise Ehcache is based on proven open source technology that’s so ubiquitous your team almost certainly uses it now. Ehcache is the de facto cache for enterprise Java, deployed in more than 500,000 installations worldwide. It is also packaged with a variety of popular development frameworks, products and projects, including:

  • Hibernate
  • Liferay
  • ColdFusion
  • Grails
  • Atlassian
  • SpringSource
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Business Value

Use Enterprise Ehcache to speed up your applications. You’ll achieve dramatic performance gains with a scalable caching architecture that provides efficient access to large data sets.

Decouple from hard-to-scale and costly database

Databases are often the primary culprit when application performance declines. As processing needs and data volumes grow, it simply takes too long to perform complex database queries, convert data into application objects, read from an external disk and make round-trips to the database.

Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory overcomes the performance and scalability limitations of databases. Using Enterprise Ehcache to offload the database, you can reduce the time required to complete individual transactions by as much as 90 percent. Plus, you can slash your spending on database licenses, hardware and maintenance—saving millions of dollars.

Use Case: One large U.S. law enforcement agency adopted Enterprise Ehcache to create a 500-gigabyte in-memory data store, complete with an analytical engine and SQL-like search capabilities.

Help scale your applications with blazing fast data access

Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory stores large amounts of data closer to the applications that need it, so requests for that data can be served more quickly. The results are immediate and significant: Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory reduces application response times by orders of magnitude—10-fold or more—and dramatically improves throughput and latency.

What’s more, these gains are sustained as the application scales. With Enterprise Ehcache, you have a long-term solution for dynamic, no-compromise growth up to 100s of Terabytes of Data!

Use Case: A major Healthcare Federal Web application desperately needed to achieve scalability – publically suffering from poor response times, unmet SLAs and frequent down times due to high user request loads.

Meet your SLA’s consistently

With complexities increasing and data growth exploding, it is a real challenge for many applications to meet all their Service Level Agreements (SLAs), all the time. Maybe it’s a result of a usage spike that pushes applications into long garbage collections, or a network issue, a disk failure, or a slow database…any of which can greatly affect SLAs through poor response times, and ultimately poor user experience. The business impact of un-met SLAs can vary widely, from simple user frustration to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

By using Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory, you can easily offset a lot of these potential issues by storing more data in-memory right where the application needs it for ultra-fast and reliable access, effectively ensuring better and more consistent low response times, all the time!

Use Case: Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory helped meet SLAs and save millions of dollars for a leading credit card company whose cards are accepted at millions of merchant locations and more than 845,000 ATMs in more than 185 countries.

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Use Cases

A large U.S. law enforcement agency adopted Enterprise Ehcache to create a 500-gigabyte in-memory data store, complete with an analytical engine and SQL-like search capabilities.

The agency turned to Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory when their architected database backend could not handle and scale to the 10-fold growth in the volume of data it had ingested daily since 2011—more than 100 gigabytes per day, or the equivalent of 1 million new records. The agency’s 500-gigabyte in-memory data store allows new information to be accessed and queried almost immediately by agents in the field or analysts in the office.

Enterprise Ehcache opens up the ability for this customer to have a tremendous amount of information at their disposal, in-memory, and in real-time.


A major Healthcare Federal Web application desperately needed to achieve scalability—publically suffering from poor response times, unmet SLAs and frequent down times due to high user request loads.

Enterprise Ehcache with Bigmemory was then introduced to help scale the site to 200+ nodes, while making 300GB worth of in-memory data available to each node in order to tremendously offload and reduce database requests, as well as decrease dramatically the network pressure on critical hardware such as firewall and routers.

The benefits were immediate and highly visible with consistently high performance and availability despite 10x increase in user traffic. Average response time consistently below 500ms even at 100k TPS peak loads (>10x improvement). All achieved with very minimal code and application impact!


A leading credit card company whose cards are accepted at millions of merchant locations and more than 845,000 ATMs in more than 185 countries leveraged Enterprise Ehcache with BigMemory to help meet SLAs and save millions of dollars.

The company determined that it was failing to meet its one-second SLA for identifying blacklisted credit cards approximately 0.3 percent of the time—which adds up when you’re dealing with thousands of transactions every second. This resulted in blacklisted cards being improperly accepted, costing the company an estimated $10 million annually.

The causes were twofold. First, the company kept its list of seven million blacklisted card numbers and individuals in a disk-bound Oracle® database, which was slow to access. Second, the Java® garbage collector caused extended, unpredictable pauses. Each pause forced the company to “guess” on many transactions, exposing the company to losses.

Since putting BigMemory live in production, the company meets its SLA more than 99.995 percent of the time. The company’s significant store of in-memory blacklist data is protected by BigMemory’s persistent storage and fault-tolerant, fast-restartable architecture—so machines coming back online after an outage don’t demand a full reload from the database. WAN replication keeps its global data centers in sync, making it easy to redirect traffic from one to another in case of outages or heavy loads.

The solution is performing so well that the company plans to power its fraud detection application with BigMemory in the near future.

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