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webMethods Active Transfer

Any file, any size, always delivered on time.

webMethods Active Transfer

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What you can do with webMethods ActiveTransfer:

  • Centrally manage file transfers, set up transfer schedules and configure users
  • Move large files quickly over long distances
  • Securely exchange files with partners using latest security and encryption techniques

webMethods ActiveTransfer is a secure, reliable alternative to FTP and other dated protocols. Exchange files of any size—even big data files—up to 25 times faster. This managed file transfer solution is ideal to manage the ever-increasing volume of your enterprise file transfers.

Used For

managed file transfer; intra-company file transfer; B2B file transfer; big data file transfer

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Secured file transfers

  • Securely transfer files using secure protocols such as HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP and SCP
  • Use SSL certificates and SSH keys for authentication and encryption
  • Granular-role based access to files to meet data privacy and compliance needs

Controlled and managed file transfers

  • Accelerate large file transfers by boosting performance 10 to 25 times, overcoming network latency
  • Control transfer speeds and allocate network bandwidth to partners
  • Accept file transfers from approved IP addresses and assigned users

Auditing and reporting

  • Control and manage inbound and outbound file transfers on a central console
  • Quickly locate and resolve file transfer issues as they occur
  • Use dashboards to monitor and report usage for tracking and cross-charging

Reliability and guaranteed delivery

  • Guarantee on-time delivery of files
  • Meet SLAs and avoid penalties associated with missing or delayed transfers
  • Real-time alerts notify users of file transfer issues as they happen

Scheduled and event-driven transfers

  • Set up scheduled transfers for completely automated file transfer
  • Trigger file transfers as the events occurs such as completion of a batch job
  • Integrate file transfers into event-driven and service-oriented architectures
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How it Works

Flow of managed file transferExchange files securely and reliably

webMethods ActiveTransfer centralizes the external and internal file transfers into one solution providing visibility and control. Use it for fast, secure and reliable exchange of large files inside and outside your Digital Enterprise.

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