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webMethods BPMS

Automate processes & gain end-to-end control and visibility.

webMethods Business Process Management Suite

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webMethods BPMS

  • Quickly implement process-driven solutions using your current IT landscape
  • Meet SLAs and quickly manage exceptions using analytics
  • Increase efficiency via the automatic orchestration of people, systems and data

Accelerate your business by automating processes using webMethods BPMS process and workflow management tools. By eliminating manual activities and inconsistent processes, you can gain operational efficiencies, improve accountability, reduce errors, acquire real-time situational awareness. Using this complete suite, you can even discover and resolve problems before operations are impacted.

Used For

process automation; case management; process visibility; order management; claims management

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Fast & agile process development

  • Rapidly create and change processes—with close collaboration and alignment between functional and IT
  • Reduce complexity by visualizing processes as they’re developed
  • Use a single Eclipse™-based environment to create and change artifacts like services, rules or user interfaces
  • Quickly change processes without changing underlying applications

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Process simulation

  • Understand process behavior and identify potential issues, such as bottlenecks, before production
  • Leverage historical data to make simulation as realistic as possible
  • Quickly test different process options

Content management & integration

  • Re-use documents, forms, memorandums and shipping papers aligned with processes when you automate your processes
  • Get transparent access to third-party content source
  • Leverage content from anywhere in your process-driven applications

UI design & task management

  • Provide user interfaces for process participants
  • Improve collaboration and how people interact with your processes
  • Empower users to quickly complete their daily work
  • Prevent manual errors and time-consuming handover issues
  • Assign tasks to prevent bottlenecks

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Complex event processing

  • Continuously correlate and analyze high-volume event streams with low latency
  • Identify patterns, trends and unusual situations as they happen to coordinate the right response at the right time

Dynamic, ad-hoc workflows

  • Empower task owners to deal with unexpected issues—they can create new, ad-hoc tasks and then manage and monitor them like any other workflow
  • Identify frequently occurring, similar ad-hoc tasks and then incorporate them into automated workflows

Integration with AgileApps Live

  • Visually model and deliver a process-driven application in weeks rather than months
  • webMethods BPMS integrates with the Software AG cloud-based AgileApps Live so you can rapidly build ad-hoc processes and applications

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Process execution

  • Run processes that are perfectly orchestrated resulting in transparent, efficient and adaptive operations for active error prevention and end-to-end visibility
  • Through enterprise-class orchestration, complex processes get managed with high-volume performance and scalability

Operational monitoring & analytics

  • See an overview of processes in real-time using business activity monitoring software
  • Quickly decide what actions to take on an ad-hoc basis
  • Immediately discover issues and exceptions
  • Analyze KPI trends to proactively adjust your processes
  • Ensure escalations are dealt with quickly and efficiently

Communications integration at run-time

  • Tie in phone, SMS and e-mail queries as well as interactive voice responses and teleconferences—even an entire service center—with automated business processes
  • Incoming and outgoing calls can be conducted and processed in a fully automated way to improve customer service

Rules management

  • Define and change rules that drive processes—whenever policy, regulations or CONOPs change.
  • Change business rules “on the fly” without having to go through a lengthy development exercise and or redeploying all the processes that leverage these rules


  • Make it easy to visualize KPIs by creating strategic, situational and interactive operational and executive dashboards
  • Build dashboards without coding
  • Blend process and non-process data for end-to-end visibility

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Seamless enterprise & B2B integration

  • Run processes that span different systems, different departments and even different agencies
  • webMethods BPMS is built on an industry-leading enterprise integration platform that includes an enterprise service bus, a high-speed messaging backbone and a B2B gateway
  • Quickly build processes that require significant integration with systems such as SAP®
  • Speed up integration using adapters for SAP®, Oracle®, J2EE®, .NET and other applications
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How it Works

webMethods BPMSwebMethods BPMS is the complete solution for building, deploying and monitoring business-process-centric applications.

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webMethods Business Process Management Suite.


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