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Fraud Detection

Monitor millions of transactions in real-time

Federal agencies continue to root out waste, fraud and abuse that cost our country billions of dollars annually, and they often model their technology solutions after those already deployed successfully in financial markets.

Top financial institutions already rely on Software AG for automated, enterprise-level capabilities that detect fraud in real-time across multiple channels and millions of transactions a day. Software AG Government Solutions combines these state-of-the-art capabilities with the public sector expertise to optimally deploy them in a federal agency setting.

We architect Complex Event Processing (CEP) technologies and in-memory computing into a single solution to process millions of transactions per second in search of the telltale anomalies that signal fraud, waste and abuse as it’s happening. Our advanced capabilities make manual reporting a thing of the past and fight fraud with real-time transactional data and historical analysis of constituent and customer behavior.

Our technologies quickly tell you what has happened, what is happening now and what is likely to happen so you can control costs, prevent revenue loss and increase consumer confidence. Learn more.

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