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Supply Chain

Gain real-time visibility and control

Software AG Government Solutions lets you pilot your supply chain with unprecedented visibility and control so you can make sure every shipment gets where it needs to be, when it’s needed.

Our solutions enable real-time monitoring of your vast supply-chain network of suppliers, subcontractors, transactions, processes, inventory and contracts. We use performance-based logistics (PBL) to optimize automated processes and instantly identify supply chain disruptions wherever they occur.

Our solutions preserve your investment in core IT infrastructure while you continuously integrate new technologies across your enterprise and trading partners.

Preconfigured for fast deployment, the solution offers:

  • Out-of-the-box management and integration for federal EDI transactions
  • Service level agreements for your organization and suppliers
  • Custom dashboards and real-time metrics
  • Comprehensive integration with warehouse management systems and hardware, including support for RFID and bar codes

Leveraging these tools with visibility solutions helps government set a new bar for supply chain performance. Ask our experts to assess your current environment and prove how our solution can meet your specific supply chain challenges. Put our team to the test today!

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