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Software AG products have a proven track record of turning complex and incompatible systems into understandable, manageable, and streamlined IT ecosystems.

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APIs & Integration

Digital government needs access to information—and fast. An integration platform solves that problem by connecting any siloed systems, applications, clouds and devices, anywhere, so information is accessible where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

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APIs & Integration | Software AG Government Solutions

Innovative Software Products


Need to integrate systems on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid combination? Gain the flexibility you need with Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform.

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This is how we do IT

U.S. Navy ERP

Navy ERP is the Department of Navy’s financial system of record. It streamlines the Navy’s business operations, namely financial and supply chain management.


  • Reduces inventory management costs by $100M/year​
  • Access a common set of secure data anywhere​
  • Produces auditable financial statements

Pennsylvania Justice Network (PA JNET)

Pennsylvania's primary public safety integration service provider


  • Cross Match Program – Inter Agency Data Sharing resulted in $200M+ potential savings in Fraud Prevention
  • Improves the delivery and sharing of information to over 40K users
Pennsylvania Justice Network

U.S. Army OBT

Office of Business Transformation across the Army enterprise


  • Rapid evaluation of proposed solutions (< 3 Days)
  • Prevents duplication of investment
  • Minimized burden on system owners through centralization and reuse of existing data sources

Why the IRS chose SoftwareAG

Since 2005, the IRS has relied on webMethods as a common services and integration platform to overcome many challenges in its heterogeneous IT landscape


  • Maximize return on investment on existing technology investments and IT skills.
  • Simplified Architecture / Enterprise-wide Infrastructure.
  • Greater agility, flexibility, reliability, reusability, and responsiveness to the business.

U.S. Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard protects America's economic, national and border security as one of the nation’s five military services


  • Project delivered three times faster using webMethods
  • B2B transactions now compliant with government standard
  • Easier integration with more suppliers via industry-standard EDI

Dept. of Labor OWCP

Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs


  • Connecting multiple systems and insurance providers to deliver benefits to millions of employees and their families
  • Reduction of four disparate outdated systems to one common platform
  • Elimination of redundant processes
  • Decrease in Maintenance Cost and Resource Savings​

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