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U.S. Navy ERP

Navy ERP is the Department of Navy’s financial system of record. It streamlines the Navy’s business operations, namely financial and supply chain management.

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Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications Webinar - Offsite Link

To this day, government and higher education institutions leverage extremely stable mainframe applications in their day-to-day business. The problem with these applications is the poor user experience and the ability to scale as demand warrants, but, on the other hand, rewriting these applications can be costly and risky.

API & Microservice Platforms for Government | Software AG Government Solutions
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API & Microservice Platforms for Government Webinar - Offsite Link

Government systems are in a constant state of change. From new regulations, new ways of interacting, changing employee and constituent expectations, evolving security threats, and for a host of other reasons requires us to change and modernize our technology.Many organizations are starting to embrace the use of APIs and microservices.

webMethods API Management | Software AG Government Solutions

webMethods API Management

Manage the full API lifecycle with webMethods. This all-in-one solution combines an API portal, gateway, catalog and consumption management tools to ensure the stability, reliability and quality of your APIs.

APIs Fueling the Federal Data Strategy - Offsite Link

According to Federal Chief Information Officer, the Federal Data Strategy provides a framework that raises the bar for consistency of skills, interoperability and the best practices for how agencies use, manage and connect data.

Are Data and People at the Hearts of your Modernization Efforts? - Offsite Link

Behind every government mainframe computer is an untold story. Rarely do we hear about the employees who dedicate their careers to writing code, building systems and finding ways to keep the government’s critical, bulk transactions running for decades. These stories don’t get the glory and rarely get attention unless something goes horribly wrong. But dissecting…