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Government systems are in a constant state of change. From new regulations, new ways of interacting, changing employee and constituent expectations, evolving security threats, and for a host of other reasons requires us to change and modernize our technology. Many organizations are starting to embrace the use of APIs and microservices. But only 13% of companies using microservices say their architecture is production-proven for a high quality of service.

What’s more, agencies have invested billions of dollars over the last decade creating their existing capabilities. How can an organization leverage their existing investments while delivering the change that is needed, at a faster pace, lower cost, and built-in flexibility?

Come hear our guest speaker, Forrester vice president and principal analyst Randy Heffner, along with Chris Borneman, Software AG Government Solutions CTO, as they discuss:
•Why APIs and microservices matter for government
•How the demands of business innovation should guide your API and microservices approach
•The role of product teams and business domains in unified API/microservice design
•What are some of the key elements of an API and microservice platform
•How an API platform can speed your time to value

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