Government IT Modernization Made Simple: Low Code APIs & Integration Webinar

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See how government agencies are leveraging existing assets and utilizing new capabilities to modernize applications quickly in a cost effective manner, avoiding risky rip and replace projects

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Alfabet and the TBM framework

To optimize IT investments, your agency and IT stakeholders need a common understanding of IT costs and how IT supports the overall mission. That’s why Software AG’s Alfabet implements the…

Still Got Legacy? Make IT Work For You | Software AG Government Solutions

Still Got Legacy? Make IT Work For You

If you still have an application supporting your organization 20 years or more after it was built, it’s not legacy, it’s mission critical. These systems are used every day, but…

Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications

To this day, government and higher education institutions leverage extremely stable mainframe applications in their day-to-day business. The problem with these applications is the poor user experience and the ability…