DevOps and Automation in webMethods API Gateway

Software AG webMethods API Gateway is the core run time component in Software AG webMethods API Management platform. It enables organizations to secure, manage and monitor their API programs, and expose them securely to external developers, partners, and other consumers.

While webMethods API Gateway provides a dedicated, web-based user interface (UI) to perform all the administration and configuration tasks necessary to a robust deployment, using a UI can quickly become un-manageable when it comes to organizing many different configuration sets across environments (dev, test, pre-prod, prod), datacenters (east, west), or clouds (AWS, Azure, Google).

This video will show how you can take control of all these various software configuration sets by leveraging concepts such as “configuration-as-code”, “Source Control systems” (i.e. Git) and DEVOPS Automations (i.e. Ansible) … and apply it all to Software AG webMethods API Gateway as a target example.

If you follow the concepts highlighted in this video, you’ll gain many benefits on your Software AG webMethods API Gateway deployment, such as:

  • Highly reproducible configuration deployments, with the right configuration set applied to the right target, every time
  • Much faster time to recreate environments from scratch, where configurations can be applied in seconds onto a “raw” just-installed deployment
  • No more time-consuming manual configurations that can lead to mistakes and security issues
  • No more configuration inconsistencies between environments, datacenters, or clouds
  • Easy to see the complete details of the changes made to the configurations of a particular environment by simply reviewing the changes committed to the source control system (what, who, when)
  • Easy to “go-back-in-time” by recalling the configuration sets stored in source control, and re-applying them in seconds onto an environment of choice

A sample “configuration-as-code” project is provided on Github, so you can give this a try for yourself!


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