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Digital government needs information fast. Our secure integration platform frees your data for on-demand access by connecting siloed systems, applications, clouds, and devices. Access information when it’s needed, wherever it’s needed. We’ve made it our mission to simplify integration, so your agency quickly realizes results.

Meet your mission with government API integration solutions.

Connect without coding to keep communities safe, improve collaboration, and serve citizens faster. Share real-time data securely and sync it between systems. It’s easy. Here’s how.

Application Integration

Integrate applications, clouds, systems and devices, making your processes more efficient and your agency more agile.

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Case Studies

U.S. Navy ERP

Navy ERP is the Department of Navy’s financial system of record. It streamlines the Navy’s business operations, namely financial and supply chain management.


  • Unify business processes into one system​
  • Drive continuous improvements with real-time analytics​
  • Enforce procurement policies​
  • Reduce planning cycle times​


  • Reduces inventory management costs by $100M/year​
  • Access a common set of secure data anywhere​
  • Produces auditable financial statements

API Integration Resources

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Connect IT all fast – with webMethods, the world’s leading Hybrid Integration and API Management platform Free your data with webMethods In today’s connected world, instant access to information is imperative. Agencies, servicemembers, and citizens expect to: Locate and retrieve data from anywhere, anytime Recognize data’s context and applicability Use data as needed to meet…

How APIs Bolster Zero Trust Strategies

Presented by Darryn Graham, Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions About this talk Watch Darryn Graham’s session from Digital Government Institute’s April 21st Zero Trust: The Fundamentals virtual conference here. Learn how Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) help fortify an organization’s Zero Trust strategy. This session will explore the core principals of the NIST Zero Trust…

Modernize in Place with API-led Integration: Lower Risk & Accelerate Deployments

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How APIs Can Empower Agencies to Modernize in Place

How APIs Can Empower Agencies to Modernize in Place

Modernization is crucial for government agencies to achieve their strategic goals. From the cloud to artificial intelligence and machine learning, agencies can leverage an array of emerging technologies to increase their cyber and operational resilience. Agencies can also empower a distributed workforce and deliver digital services. However, effectively implementing these technologies requires agencies to develop…

5 Best Practices for API Security in 2022

5 Best Practices for API Security in 2022

Today, most companies are using application programming interfaces (APIs) to power a plethora of their technologies that support various workers. Also, cybercriminals have gotten savvier than ever before. Thus said, extremely sophisticated, top-notch API security is required to ensure their API gateway systems are protected as their manpower works with technologies. These technologies range from…