Adabas & Natural for Application Modernization

Take your applications to 2050 and beyond with confidence.

Manage the generational change of developers, modernize your applications to save costs, expand the reach of your core applications, and develop faster using DevOps. It’s possible with the expanded capabilities of Adabas and Natural – the same proven and familiar applications you’ve relied on for decades.

Meet your mission with application modernization.

It’s time to future-proof and make the most of your legacy investment in Adabas and Natural, including the unique logic built into your core applications. You can transform your existing applications to meet new agency needs without an expensive rip-and-replace. By reusing your core applications, you leverage both sustained value and new technologies, such as the cloud, Linux and zIIP™.

Ease Of Use

Make green screens a thing of the past. Modernize your interfaces in a matter of days, making it easier to work with your applications—and your agency.

A vision for 2050 and beyond.

Connect 150+ IoT devices and 150+ protocols automatically without coding

Key Capabilities

Agile DevOps

Use open-source Eclipse tools to develop, modernize, manage and integrate applications intuitively. Code, test and maintain applications for continuous delivery.

API connectivity

API-enable Natural and COBOL applications. Extend them using APIs without writing code. API enablement is your no-code approach to integration.

Cloud transformation

Run your trusted applications with exceptional speed and reliability on Linux and in the cloud of your choice.

Data integration

Make split-second decisions with access to real-time Adabas data wherever it resides. Crunch more numbers at the network’s edge—and not on your mainframe.

Offloading to zIIP

Free up mainframe CPU and reduce costs by offloading workload to IBM® System z® Integration Information Processor (zIIP)

Adabas Auditing for z/OS®

Powerful, secure and easy-to-use web-based tool that helps your organization stay fully compliant with ever-growing regulations.

Application Modernization Resources

Get the most out of Adabas and Natural.

Government Guide to Legacy System Innovation eBook | Software AG Government Solutions

Government Guide to Legacy System Innovation eBook

If you still have an application supporting your organization 20 years or more after it was built, it’s not legacy, it’s mission critical. These systems are used every day, but the general public likely doesn’t know it.

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