DataOps: Data Integration and Analytics

Build smart pipelines for continuous data delivery.

Respond to change and adapt to new business innovations with speed. It’s possible with Software AG Government Solutions. By applying DataOps principles to data integration, you can architect for change with continuous design, continuous operations, and continuous data observability – enabling real agility for the mission ahead.

Meet your mission with DataOps.

You need data everywhere – not in silos. With our cloud data warehouse integration and analytics solution, you’ll enjoy continuous data availability on-demand, enabling unprecedented exploration and innovation.

Single experience for all patterns

Leverage a single UI for all design patterns including batch, streaming, CDC, ETL, ELT, and ML pipelines to enable 10x greater developer productivity.

Deploy data and workloads to any cloud.

Harness the power of data for advanced analytics, self-service data science, AI, machine learning, and real-time smart apps on any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.



Google Cloud Platform



We’re here for you.

Let us prove how DataOps can help you keep both data sources and legacy systems in sync with your cloud data warehouse. Our experts are ready to help.

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