Adabas & Natural Data Integration

Data access—simplified

Adabas & Natural solves your problems

Increasing Agility

Make split-second decisions with access to real-time Adabas data wherever it resides.

What you can do with Adabas & Natural

Deliver Real-time Data Anywhere

  • Replicate changed Adabas data to other systems in real time based on events
  • Push out fresh data based on predefined rules
  • Assure people and systems are always working with the latest Adabas data
  • Deliver aggregated data to the cloud, mobile devices and scores of new business channels

Key Benefits

Reduce costs

Avoid using mainframe CPU resources to do work that can be handled elsewhere for less budget. Publish only changes, instead of all the data, to lower your system costs.

Improve performance

Proactively push fresh data to target applications and eliminate the impact on production transactions.

Ensure continuity

Update hot standby systems in real time to ensure continuity and avoid time-consuming recovery procedures.

Increase responsiveness

Deliver more responsive services to citizens by triggering business processes in real time. Ensure continuous data flow from Adabas to select targets.