Adabas & Natural Mainframe Offloading

Offload workload to zIIP™ fast!

Adabas & Natural solves your problems

Lowering Legacy Costs

Lower mainframe IT costs by reducing peak workloads and offloading z/OS batch and online workload for Adabas & Natural to zIIP. Minimal effort required!

What you can do with Adabas & Natural for zIIP

Offload Workload

  • Organizations have offloaded up to 99 percent of eligible Adabas & Natural workloads to zIIP
  • Reduce GPP CPU workload
  • Maximize execution time on zIIP

Key Benefits

Postpone upgrades

Avoid the cost and disruption of re-platforming. Keep using your mainframe economically with this low-cost alternative to adding more capacity on your GPPs.

Do more with less

Achieve higher throughput with the low-cost computing power of the zIIP and defer processor upgrades—and their attendant software costs—significantly improving the price-performance ratio and reducing the mainframe’s TCO.

Spend more on innovation

By spending less on legacy operating costs, your agency can release budget for modernization and innovation projects to further modernize and improve citizen services.