G2G & G2B Integration

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Eliminate the headaches and fees that come with maintaining multiple G2G systems. With webMethods, you’ll have a single solution for secure transmission and translation of G2G documents—shipping notices, invoices, purchase orders and more.

webMethods G2G/G2B integration solves your problems

Automating Partner Transactions

Quickly tie your G2G processes to your back-end systems and orchestrate them with webMethods. Onboard trading partners of any size in minutes.

What you can do with webMethods

Case Studies

Dept. of Labor OWCP

Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs


  • Modernizing four existing independent workers compensation systems into one single enterprise application platform


  • Connecting multiple systems and insurance providers to deliver benefits to millions of employees and their families
  • Reduction of four disparate outdated systems to one common platform
  • Elimination of redundant processes
  • Decrease in Maintenance Cost and Resource Savings​

Key Benefits

Improve how you manage business partners by using a shared administrative infrastructure. For each partner, you can define all supported messaging transports, document routing information, processing information, security certificates and contact details. Define and store whatever profile data you need to automate and manage your partnerships and ensure the documents are sent and received securely

Save time with self-service

Empower partners to track and manage their own transactions. Partners can easily manage their own profiles and track their own G2G activity, reducing your administrative costs and enhancing your partner relationships.

Control access

Meet compliance requirements and assure top security with stringent role-based access. Control who sees trading partner profiles and the associated transaction data, as well as exactly what information people can see as well as the actions they can take based on their roles. Set role-based access for both people inside your organization and at your trading partners.

Work with many formats

Create and process all types of document formats—from traditional EDI documents using X12 or UN/EDIFACT to those in an industry-specific XML format, to flat-file documents, such as spreadsheets. webMethods works with all document formats equally.

Validate documents

webMethods ensures the data you send and receive is correct and reliable. Validate every document to see that it meets its specifications—no matter if the format is EDI, XML or a flat file.

Support any protocol

webMethods works with any messaging transport protocol, including industry messaging transports, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and EDIINT, and specialized standards, such as RNIF, ebXML, AS4 and SOAP. Define messaging transport options at the partner level.

Secure & encrypt

Ensure documents are delivered and received securely. webMethods supports industry-standard security and encryption standards and protocols, such as HTTPS, and provides transaction security through partner certificates plus SSL support for Inbound and Outbound Channels, including AS2 and SFTP. Automatic encryption/decryption adds an additional layer of assurance.

Reuse rules

Reduce errors and inefficiencies by implementing consistent and reusable document processing rules. Processing rules provide flexibility in your partner communications and ensure consistent and reliable data. Additionally, any number of email alerts are triggered when process rules are evoked. This feature identifies missing invoice numbers, orders over a certain value or the need to address other attribute corrections.

Integrate with other systems

All trading partner data including extended fields are available to be passed through to webMethods, enabling customized processing flows unique to your agency. Quickly tie your G2G processes to your back-end systems and orchestrate your G2G processes.

Increase visibility

Gain complete end-to-end visibility into G2G transactions across your entire trading network. Track and manage G2G transactions through analytics and a monitoring dashboard and Instantly see the status of your transactions. Transactions are grouped within the monitoring screen enabling the easy identification for specific groups of transactions.

Repair & resubmit messages

When a transaction problem happens, fix it fast. Locate the problem’s source by drilling down into transaction data, including message header and routing information as well as the message payload itself. Then, take corrective or preventive action as needed. You can easily update the transaction payload and resubmit. This saves you from having to wait on your partners to fix an issue on their side and then resend the message.

Create audit logs

A UI for administrators enables transaction log queries. Use deployment logs to show all deployment activity occurring between environments, including who deployed assets—and when.

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