Adabas & Natural With DevOps

Modernize & deploy new apps faster

NaturalONE solves your problems

Releasing Updates Faster

Bring a continuous-deployment mindset to core Adabas & Natural applications by using the NaturalONE Eclipse®-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

What you can do with NaturalONE

Develop Faster At Less Cost

  • Modernize and deploy new applications quickly to deliver better services
  • Lower the time and cost of development, maintenance and training
  • Standardize on Eclipse and leverage open-source plug-ins
  • Speed development with more than 50 ready-to-go GUI controls
  • Improve productivity with repository-based team development

Key Benefits

Standardize development

Harmonize application development across your agency, whether developing applications in Natural, COBOL or Java to run natively on the mainframe or LUW.

Deliver quality features fast

Release new functionality faster and with better quality by pairing continuous delivery with automatic testing and debugging tools.

Web-enable core apps

Build webpages using an easy drag-and-drop editor to quickly make Natural screens available via an internet browser.

Collaborate as a team

Developers can “check out” a copy of the latest source code from a repository, work concurrently and then merge code upon “check in.”

Reuse business logic

Expose your Natural applications as services.

Maintain code change history

Keep all versions of source code in a repository, and re-activate older source code anytime. Standard code repository and versioning tools, such as Git and SVN, are supported.