Cumulocity IoT

Government IoT Integration Platform

Cumulocity IoT is our carrier-grade, self-service IoT platform that connects any “thing” automatically to the widest number of devices and gateways. It’s as easy as plug-and-play. Certified devices work right out of the box, putting government IoT integration innovations to work faster in support of the mission and the American people.

Cumulocity IoT streamlines, simplifies, and solves your problems.

Cumulocity IoT supports a wide variety of cutting-edge technology and standards, including MQTT, UWB, BLE, Wi-Fi, and active RFID. Start consuming live data in just a few clicks.

Simplify IoT

Bring your own hardware and tools and pick the components that best fit your agency’s needs.

Accelerate Innovation

Cumulocity IoT comes pre-integrated with device management, application enablement and integration, analytics covering condition monitoring, advanced streaming, and predictive and time-series data.

Connect Core Systems

Easily integrate IoT solutions with core applications that are in the cloud and on-premises.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Innovate on the only completely open IoT platform and free your agency from the constraints of proprietary technology stacks.

Key Capabilities

Connect to everything, run anywhere, and integrate with any application. Cumulocity IoT is the #1 low-code, self-service IoT platform – the only one that comes pre-integrated with the tools agencies need for fast results: device connectivity and management; application enablement and integration; and streaming and predictive analytics. Imagine what your agency can do better on the Internet of Things.

IoT Analytics

Simply “point and click” to apply advanced data science techniques. Turn data into actionable insights—without writing code.

IoT Application Enablement

Quickly capitalize on your IoT strategy by using a proven, pre-integrated and easy-to-deploy IoT application enablement platform.

IoT Device Connectivity

Connect any asset fast using a self-service IoT platform. Connect devices in the cloud, on-premises and/or at the edge.

IoT Device Management

Onboard hundreds and thousands of devices at once, and manage devices throughout their lifecycle using a unified device management tool.

IoT Edge

Process data close to the source for faster results and trigger an immediate response. No technical expertise required!

IoT Integration

Get the most from your IoT data. Easily integrate it with other data sources you use every day. Automate actions based on IoT events.

Applications are easy to build on the #1 application enablement platform.

Connect & Manage “Things”

  • Connect 150+ IoT devices and 150+ protocols automatically without coding
  • Plug in any device and the platform automatically accommodates its capabilities and the structure of its data
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of devices from one console
  • Bulk register devices and update them in a controlled, phased way
  • Create hierarchical multi-tenancy solutions with 100% secure data segregation

Act on IoT Data

  • Build sophisticated analytics without writing code
  • Get insights easily via a friendly UI console designed for operational managers, not just technologists
  • Spot anomalies and eliminate issues
  • Create, train and execute machine learning models

Integrate without Coding

  • Integrate IoT data with other systems without writing code
  • Enrich real-time IoT device data with contextual data from other systems to make decisions based on the “smartest” data
  • Start automated actions and workflows based on IoT events

Get IoT-Enabled Fast

  • Save significant development time using a pre-integrated IoT platform
  • Rebrand the platform as your agency’s own in a few clicks
  • Easily create custom application services, analytics, and integrations using a microservice development framework kit
  • Streamline development using solution accelerators that are 70% ready to go

Here’s what you can do with Cumulocity IoT

Build smart cities

Smart cities built on IoT solutions thrive with safer streets, smart buildings, efficient water and energy use, and even smart trash removal when assets are connected and managed on the IoT.

Build smart grids

Deliver electricity sustainably, efficiently and securely. Monitor and distribute utilities based on consumption. Use live IoT data for demand-based power generation and distribution.

Minimize water waste

Water operators can collect data on pressure and flow from connected meters and other assets to detect leaks instantly and automate immediate corrective actions.

Safeguard civilian and military personnel

Monitor and reduce infectious disease spread with wearable devices protecting government employees, contractors, and service members.

Reduce O&M costs

Cut maintenance costs by up to 30% and equipment downtime by up to 50% by monitoring sensor data from military assets. Monitoring vehicle and equipment data will ensure health of assets and help predict mission critical failures.

IoT Integration Resources

Get the most out of Cumulocity IoT.

What’s New in Cumulocity IoT

Learn how to quickly create more IoT streaming analytics scenarios, install and upgrade your IoT edge solution, integrate LPWAN devices in minutes and unlock self-service analytics on live and historical device measurements with Rob Jones, Senior Director Product Management, Sandeep Akhouri, Director, Product Management, and Nick Van Damme, Director, Product Management, from Software AG.

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