Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management

Meet the mandates with a leader

Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management solves your problems

Improving IT Transparency

See what assets you have, how they interrelate, how to streamline your portfolio and where to invest to align with your agency’s vision.

What you can do with Alfabet

Improve IT Governance

  • Maintain accurate, current and complete data on your IT landscape
  • Align IT structures with agency objectives and processes
  • Define and enforce standard EA processes and components for projects
  • Keep technology proliferation under control
  • Understand the relevance and value of tech in supporting agency objectives

Key Benefits

Meet agency aims

By applying TBM taxonomy to your EA, you will gain an understanding of how your technology spending enables your agency’s mission.

Understand IT investments

Better manage IT spending with increased visibility and accurate data. Answer questions like: Is there sufficient IT support for critical agency capabilities? Which projects should we put on hold? Which IT systems can we remove due to redundancy? Where can we optimize vendor costs?

Control IT costs

Gain a clear understanding of IT costs, opening the door to more accurate, meaningful benchmarking. Create and monitor IT rationalization plans.

Inform IT decisions

By marrying the information about your IT environment and its capabilities with the details of your IT spend, you’ll be able to make more informed and impactful decisions to meet agency goals and use funding more effectively.

Master any challenge

Alfabet’s robust capabilities span portfolio rationalization, strategy alignment, API management, Agile innovation, cloud management, project execution, M&A due diligence, risk management and IT governance for all your IT projects.

Customize by role

Customize Alfabet to each stakeholder in terms of look and feel, relevance of information and clear procedures for task execution.