Alfabet Enterprise Architecture – An EA Approach to Technology Business Management

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Jeff Chancellor

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Enterprise Architecture as a practice is well understood by IT teams due to well-understood categorization models for tracking and managing assets. IT Finance Management was driven by accounting standards that we often poorly aligned to IT assets. Now, TBM is bringing a complete methodology to both Business and IT groups within a single enterprise. Learn how Business groups benefit from the foundations of EA, and how IT groups can better understand and apply financial cost account across all assets.

What viewers will learn by watching this program include:
• How to leverage the TBM Taxonomy to consistently record costs by Cost Pools and IT Towers
• See why CIO’s need this framework to deliver status of IT costs and budgets
• Learn to apply the cost structures to key assets and projects
• Avoid incorrect reporting and improve visualizations by integrating Alfabet with your General Ledger using the TBM methodology


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