Alfabet Strategic IT Planning

Make changes with confidence

Alfabet solves your IT Planning problems

Increasing ROI In IT

Reduce risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make IT portfolio changes. Link business models with your IT architecture for a clear understanding of required change.

What you can do with Alfabet

Meet Your Mission

  • Ensure agency strategy and demands are completely understood and prioritized for execution
  • Define clear and redundancy-free scope for projects
  • Tighten alignment between IT and leadership by documenting end-state agency goals and report on progress

Key Benefits

Improve IT decisions

Collect and synthesize a broad range of performance and environmental data. Use state-of-the-art integration to consolidate information from any systems into a single complete and accurate source of truth.

Know "why change"

Verify current and planned operating models as the business foundation for enterprise transformation by using Alfabet.

Make changes uniformly

Reach consensus with stakeholders on planned IT changes. Ensure faster and consistent agency-wide changes.

Inform IT decisions

By marrying the information about your IT environment and its capabilities with the details of your IT spend, you’ll be able to make more informed and impactful decisions to meet agency goals and use funding more effectively.

Master any challenge

Alfabet’s robust capabilities span portfolio rationalization, strategy alignment, API management, Agile innovation, cloud management, project execution, M&A due diligence, risk management and IT governance for all your IT projects.

Customize by role

Customize Alfabet to each stakeholder in terms of look and feel, relevance of information and clear procedures for task execution.