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Legacy Integration

Keep the mainframe as your reliable system of record while unlocking massive amounts of valuable data in legacy apps. With webMethods Mainframe Integration, you can leverage mainframe data and functions as reusable services in minutes.

Adabas & Natural

Look ahead to a future where you can continue to make the most of your investment in Adabas & Natural and the unique business logic built into your core applications.


Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications | Software AG Government Solutions

Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications Webinar - Offsite Link

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To this day, government and higher education institutions leverage extremely stable mainframe applications in their day-to-day business. The problem with these applications is the poor user experience and the ability to scale as demand warrants, but, on the other hand, rewriting these applications can be costly and risky.

Still Got Legacy? Make IT Work For You | Software AG Government Solutions

Still Got Legacy? Make IT Work For You

If you still have an application supporting your organization 20 years or more after it was built, it’s not legacy, it’s mission critical. These systems are used every day, but the general public likely doesn’t know it. They are part of our tax systems, social services, and public safety. They run the stock market, our…

With APIs, Hope Is Not A Strategy | Software AG Government Solutions

With APIs, Hope Is Not A Strategy

Are you agile? I’m not asking if you can perform a back-bend without ending up in hospital. What I want to know is, can your company quickly scale up to a digital environment and add anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 new users a day? Many organizations cannot, and we are seeing them fall by the…