webMethods Application Integration

Integrate anything on one platform.

With webMethods, you get an all-in-one, full lifecycle API management solution to share information and data across real-time, distributed cloud, and mobile applications.

webMethods solves your problems

Simplifying Integrations

Use an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI to design, assemble and deploy workflows for cloud and on-premises applications. Leverage the 300+ adapters without coding.

What you can do with webMethods

Case Studies

Pennsylvania Justice Network (PA JNET)

Pennsylvania's primary public safety integration service provider


  • Providing data integration services that enable Commonwealth Agencies and local entities to transform their organization
  • Real Time Data Sharing


  • Cross Match Program – Inter Agency Data Sharing resulted in $200M+ potential savings in Fraud Prevention
  • Improves the delivery and sharing of information to over 40K users

Key Benefits

webMethods is easily scalable, ready to integrate your on-premises applications to SaaS applications and proven by leading enterprises. Analysts consistently recognize Software AG for integration capabilities.

Connect without coding

Connectors by the dozen let you plug applications into webMethods Integration Server—no coding required! These connectors “speak” Salesforce.com®, SAP, Oracle®, J2EE®, .NET® and most other leading technologies.

Map & transform

To integrate unique applications, you need to map and wire the data elements for each respective application’s format. Use our library of transformation services and a graphical mapping UI to tie your data formats together.

Orchestrate & synchronize

Application orchestration is the process of integrating your applications to automate a process or synchronize data in real time. Our approach decouples applications so you can manage and monitor your integrations from one central location.

Modernize with DevOps

webMethods supports DevOps and enables you to build and deploy integrations using your agency’s CI/CD processes. Developers can use the language of their choice–Java®, C# and Node.js included.

webMethods Application Integration Resources

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