Cumulocity IoT Analytics

Act on IoT insights fast

Cumulocity IoT solves your problems

Simplifying analytics

Simply “point and click” to apply advanced data science techniques. Our machine learning workbench is designed so non-data scientists (i.e., anyone) can put machine learning models to work in one quick click.

What you can do with Cumulocity IoT

Act on data in real time

  • Apply analytics to large volumes of fast-moving data
  • Look for patterns and process incoming data in real time
  • Identify problems and respond immediately via alarms and notifications
  • Quickly create IoT streaming analytics scenarios—drag, drop done!

Key Benefits

Keep operations intact

Make time-critical decisions when it matters most. Act precisely and so quickly that no one even noticed there was an issue.

Act when it matters most

Take stock of important KPIs, detect patterns in high-volume data, and see where to act when it matters most.

See data in real time

Use business intelligence and visual IoT data analytics to view and share your IoT data and performance in real time.

Support many use cases

Build analytics for a wide range of use cases, from alarms analytics to condition monitoring to prediction of failure, maintenance and utilization.