Alfabet IT Portfolio Management

Let’s simplify IT

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Simplifying Portfolio Management

Get a high-level view of how various IT portfolios—application, project, technology and demand—interrelate. Intuitive wizards and workflows make it easy to manage IT inventory data. Accelerator packages and our software-as-a-service platform get you up and running fast.

What you can do with Alfabet

Crosswalk & Analyze IT Portfolios

  • Get a high-level view of how IT portfolios interrelate to plan strategic transformation
  • Crosswalk your IT portfolio to gain various perspectives, from an application to a services view
  • Identify the ripple effects of changing a portfolio object on objects in other portfolios
  • Document and rationalize all IT assets accumulated over time
  • Link business capabilities to supporting applications, technologies and projects
  • Assure IT changes deliver on their promise to improve agency operations

Key Benefits

Manage IT all

With Alfabet you have a single tool for managing application portfolios, project portfolios, technology portfolios and demand as well as your enterprise architecture. Understand the relationship of projects to strategies, demands, business capabilities, applications and technologies.

Lower IT costs

See where you can eliminate redundant assets, or even retire ones that are no longer mission critical. Improve your purchasing power by consolidating purchases agency-wide.

Increase visibility

Use web- and mobile-based portals for immediate access to information on the IT landscape for portfolio, application, technology and project managers. More than 1,000 ready-to-use report and diagram templates speed up sharing information.

Improve change management

Generate views of your IT landscape for any desired date or timeframe—ideal for future-state planning and change management. Ensure adequate governance of IT acquisition processes and follow-through on change decisions.

Simplify data capture

Alfabet makes it easy to load and sync data with other sources to ensure IT inventory information is complete and up to date. Wizards, workflows and surveys help you capture IT landscape data in a consistent way that’s categorized according to your conventions.

Fast startup

With Alfabet software as a service, you can get started quickly. Alfabet FastLane is low cost, risk free and an ideal starting point for IT portfolio management. Populate IT information into Alfabet FastLane, then quickly generate dashboards and reports for clear visualizations for fast decisions and targeted actions.