Adabas Auditing for z/OS®

Maintain data security and compliance with a simple, powerful way to track and audit all activity on your Adabas databases

A Comprehensive Auditing Solution for all Stakeholders

Data Security

Adabas Auditing for z/OS® is useful for every stakeholder responsible for data security. Gain the ability
to generate more detailed, complete insight, with easy access to this historical information in secure,
indexed, long-term archives. These capabilities will help keep your organization in compliance with
evolving data regulations and more easily identify unauthorized activity in your databases

Key Benefits


Deliver audit reports faster, and with less effort, to comply with evolving regulations


Out-of-the box vendor-supported solution eliminates the need to build or customize your Adabas z/OS® audit tools


Identify unauthorized intrusion and activity in your database


Customize audit criteria and retention periods to meet specific requirements


Maintain high database performance


Intuitive user experience for auditors, security officers and database administrators


Leverage the security and reliability benefits of IBM Z platform