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See when, where, how, and why to make IT changes while reducing transformational risks. That’s the value of our IT transformation solutions for government. We’ll show you how easy it is to optimize your digital infrastructure and strategically align your IT investment to support your agency’s mission.

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IT transformation is often the first step to a successful digital transformation. Software AG Government Solutions brings vast experience in helping agencies optimize IT with a platform recognized as the leader for more than a decade.

FedRAMP Authorized Government Cloud

Federal agencies can take advantage of IT transformation in a secure software as a service (SaaS) model. See how quickly you can get started on your IT transformation journey by leveraging our leading FedRAMP SaaS.

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Case Studies

U.S. Army OBT

Office of Business Transformation across the Army enterprise


  • Increasing costs and size of Army Business System Portfolio
  • No central System of Record for Architecture for decision support and re-use
  • Lengthy Investment Analysis and Portfolio Review


  • Rapid evaluation of proposed solutions (< 3 Days)
  • Prevents duplication of investment
  • Minimized burden on system owners through centralization and reuse of existing data sources

IT Transformation Resources

Seamlessly link IT, business, and finance.

A Strategic Approach To Modern Government IT Portfolio Management And EA Planning

What does Strategic Portfolio Management look like in the Fed Gov? Today, business capabilities, and the tech behind them, can be considered portfolios. For example, capabilities consist of business processes, in turn supported by business applications, and technical services. Technology portfolios in government agencies can extend across cloud-based solutions, on-premise solutions, and powerful mainframe systems.…

How Process Mining Can Build a Better Government

How Process Mining Can Build a Better Government

Process mining is the way to go to eliminate these issues. What is Process Mining? Inefficiencies are costly for most organizations. Inefficiencies in the government, however, can mean the difference between the following: Maximizing public dollars Or generating more waste Delivering timely constituent services Or leaving individuals without the necessary services to meet their basic…

How Strategic IT Portfolio Management Drives Government Modernization

How Strategic IT Portfolio Management Drives Government Modernization

IT has become a critical business enabler for public and private sector organizations. It especially evolved from more of a business process-oriented function to a major driver of change within the government. IT has become the cornerstone of key strategic initiatives, like data modernization, and digital transformation. Thus said, strategic IT portfolio management is now…

ARIS Fact Sheet

ARIS Business processes are not what your business does. They are your business. Get the key to business transformation and operational excellence ARIS is the #1 market-leading business process analysis (BPA) and management software solution for organizations seeking to embrace digital transformation. But that change isn’t organic. It’s strategic. ARIS offers true transformation via tightly…

How to Develop a Modernization Strategy Based on Data and Insight eBook

  Twenty years ago, technology was well established in government agencies, but the IT team itself was often disconnected from the agency mission. Today, much of the modernization that is being planned (or is already underway) in agencies revolves around IT because technology is extremely essential to how organizations operate. Technology is at the center…

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