Alfabet Enterprise Architecture

Aligning IT with your mission has never been this easy.

Alfabet brings together enterprise architecture management, IT portfolio management, and strategic IT planning to simplify your agency’s IT transformation. By combining these three key disciplines into one powerful and customizable platform, Alfabet accelerates results. Let us show you how.

Make IT an enabler of your digital transformation.

Alfabet helps IT leaders make better IT investment decisions and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in the IT portfolio.

Enterprise architecture management

Alfabet shows you what IT assets you have and how they interrelate, enabling you to make informed decisions on how to streamline the IT portfolio and where to invest to align with your agency’s mission.

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Case Studies

U.S. Army OBT

Office of Business Transformation across the Army enterprise


  • Increasing costs and size of Army Business System Portfolio
  • No central System of Record for Architecture for decision support and re-use
  • Lengthy Investment Analysis and Portfolio Review


  • Rapid evaluation of proposed solutions (< 3 Days)
  • Prevents duplication of investment
  • Minimized burden on system owners through centralization and reuse of existing data sources

Enterprise Architecture Resources

Get the most out of Alfabet and your IT transformation.