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Open up access to core data

webMethods solves your problems

Unlocking Siloed Data

Make the latest data—even on a legacy system—easily accessible to citizens, agencies and any level of government. Transform mainframe data into standard SQL for easy access and integration with data lakes, business intelligence platforms, analytics tools and the cloud.

What you can do with webMethods Mainframe Integration

Leverage Mainframe Investments

  • Avoid expensive rip-and-replace strategies to save millions of dollars
  • Build on what works—without modifying valuable legacy code
  • Assure access to legacy data across systems, agencies and levels of government
  • Connect to new channels, applications and services by exposing programs as APIs
  • Connect mainframe data to data lakes, BI and cloud platforms for better insights

Key Benefits of Mainframe Integration

Expand data access

Agencies today are expected to be information providers. That means providing access to latest data, wherever it resides. Do that easily with webMethods.

Build on your legacy

Quickly reuse investments in legacy systems while taking advantage of smart new technologies. Service-enable proven business logic and make it available via APIs.

Simplify integrations

Get rid of complex and expensive point-to-point connections. Use webMethods instead to integrate any system, anywhere. Integrate DB2, COBOL, AS400, Adabas & Natural and more. Capture 3270 screens to quickly turn applications into API providers … without touching code.

Reduce costs

Innovate without replacing what works. Reusing, rather than replacing legacy systems, saved one state agency millions of dollars. How much can webMethods help your agency save?

Move data freely

Easily extract, transform and load (ETL) your mainframe data to modern databases, data warehouses, data lakes and cloud analytic platforms. Move your data freely to where it is needed and how it is needed.

Deliver better services

Make your legacy app available on a browser, where you can change the user workflow, add new logic, and aggregate data from other sources to create a better experience. Automate and integrate 3270 user screen flows using REST APIs to create better digital process flows.


How APIs are Unlocking Data Potential with Software AG Government Solutions

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