webMethods API Management

Manage APIs from requirement to retirement.

With webMethods, you get an all-in-one, full lifecycle API management solution to share information and data across real-time, distributed cloud, and mobile applications.

Everything you need for API innovation.

Our all-in-one solution combines an API portal, gateway, catalog, and consumption management tools to ensure the stability, reliability, and quality of your APIs. Expose data and services in web apps, mobile apps, and other connected devices simply, quickly, and securely. It’s possible with webMethods.

Keep APIs & Data Safe

Protect it all with authentication and access controls. Set thresholds and limits to control API usage. Enforce security, traffic management, monitoring, and SLA management policies.

Imagine what you can do with webMethods.

Easily discover and test APIs with webMethods

Find and test APIs directly within webMethods to see firsthand how the API behaves. Code samples and expected error/return codes with descriptions are provided. You can even try test invocations with different input parameters to quickly analyze results.

See how using API management can bring order to chaos.

Keep APIs secure.

Policy-driven security uniformly secures and monitors access to back-end services from apps using your APIs. Support transport and message-layer security, including authentication, authorization, digital encryption, and digital signatures. Use DMZ-strength security between consumer apps using your APIs and your internal servers via a powerful “reverse invoke” technology that removes the need to open firewall ports.

Do power analysis.

Make sense of the complex interdependencies of APIs on various services and applications using an interactive graphical view of APIs and their relationships. Visualize the effects of changes beforehand to avoid undesired issues and complications. Customize your view to restrict the set of APIs and associations shown to zero-in on the details that interest you the most. On interactive dashboards, see details on gateway events, the popularity of APIs, and how APIs are being used to help identify ways to improve the user experience and increase API adoption.

Manage policies.

Design and configure policies to be applied to your APIs at runtime. A given policy can even be applied to multiple APIs at the same time and be dynamically scoped by naming patterns, categorization, or organization, which saves time when making changes. You can use pre-loaded policies, including metadata validation, approval workflow, and permission provisioning, or define custom policies.


Count on flexibility.

Thanks to extensive support for mapping and transformation, your API consumers have flexibility in the protocols, message formats, and transports they use.

Reduce latency.

Store large amounts of transactional data in-memory to improve performance, reduce latency for data access, and scale your APIs for any volume.


Choose how to deploy.

Deploy webMethods behind the firewall, in the DMZ, in a private cloud, or a public cloud – your choice!


Save time with built-in workflows.

Use an approval process workflow to manage API access requests. Access tokens are provisioned automatically to the webMethods gateway. Use an onboarding workflow to sign up developers.

Manage models and versions.

Ensure standards and practices are followed as every API moves through its lifecycle by defining permissible transitions between states. With built-in versioning capabilities, you can define and track API versions. Multiple versions can co-exist and older versions can be retired over time.


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