Adabas & Natural API Connectivity

Modernize applications one click at a time

Adabas & Natural solves your problems

Modernize Fast

Give a modern look and feel to Natural, COBOL, RPG or any other 3GL application. Transform screen-based programs into modern web interfaces without code changes.


What you can do with API connectivity

API-enable The Mainframe

  • Produce high-performing and secure APIs for established business applications
  • Provide Natural and COBOL business logic as RESTful APIs
  • Hide mainframe complexity while ensuring operational excellence

Key Benefits

Drive down costs

Your agency has invested significant resources to create and maintain the critical business logic that runs on your core systems. If that business logic is needed by other systems, the least costly approach is API connectivity to expose that business logic without changing any code.


Improve the user experience

Modernize user interfaces to assure consistent and intuitive interaction with all of your applications. Make applications easier to use and accessible anywhere, anytime.


Reduce risks

Take a low-risk, non-invasive approach to modernizing mission-critical systems. Avoid a risky “rip-and-replace” initiative by reusing core applications instead.


Increase productivity

Trigger new business processes using established mainframe applications. Automate actions to eliminate redundancies and manual processes.