Cumulocity IoT Device Connectivity

Code less, connect more

Cumulocity IoT solves your problems

Connecting any “thing”

Count on out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of device types and protocols. Because you’ll be using open standards, you’ll be able connect any “thing” today and tomorrow.

What you can do with Cumulocity IoT

Plug & play—no coding required

  • Connect automatically to the widest number of devices and gateways, including low-power wireless devices in the field and different fieldbus device
  • Supported protocols include OPC UA, MODbus®, CANopen®, SNMP, PROFIBUS, LWM2M®, Sigfox® and LoRa®

Key Benefits

Choose your devices

You can bring your own hardware and tools, and pick the components that best fit your mission. That’s because Cumulocity IoT is an open IoT platform, able to connect any “thing.”

Avoid vendor lock-in

Free your agency from the constraints of being locked into proprietary technology stacks. Innovate on the only completely open IoT platform.

Don’t go IoT alone

Software AG offers professional services, training, networking opportunities and ready-to-go partner solutions to help you quickly realize IoT benefits.