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Achieve rapid time-to-value with our secure SaaS.

Our leading FedRAMP-authorized SaaS for ARIS and Alfabet enables a cost-effective, low-risk, and efficient way for government agencies to deploy business and IT transformation solutions. No additional security assessments required!

Get a fast start to your business and IT transformation.

Reach Agency Goals

Because Software AG is recognized for FedRAMP Moderate Authorization, federal agencies can use Alfabet for IT transformation and ARIS for business transformation right away in secure SaaS model via the Azure® Government Cloud P-ATO.

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  • Alfabet to Accelerate IT Transformation

    Solution Snapshot

    Alfabet to Accelerate IT Transformation

    Use FedRAMP-authorized Alfabet for IT planning, portfolio management, risk management and enterprise architecture management. With Alfabet, you can:

    • Manage and reduce costs by rationalizing the IT landscape
    • Improve business and IT agility with a clear understanding of impacts and dependencies in your architecture
    • Enhance decision-making, drive innovation and reduce time-to-market
    • Plot transformation success by creating capability roadmaps across multiple dimensions
    • Create operational efficiencies by eliminating information silos
    • Improve compliance and reduce risk through the definition and effective analysis of compliance information
    • Save time with out-of-the-box support for TBM, FITARA, DODAF and other frameworks and standards

    Discover Alfabet

    Alfabet to Accelerate IT Transformation
  • ARIS for Faster Business Transformation

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    ARIS for Faster Business Transformation

    Use FedRAMP-authorized ARIS to take an Architecture of Integrated Information Systems approach to enterprise modeling. With ARIS, you can:

    • Design processes using a rich modeling environment
    • Map how citizens work with your agency to uncover potential improvements
    • Use a central repository and administration for greater control
    • Connect operations with interfaces to external tools like SAP
    • Make it easy for everyone in your agency to understand processes
    • Unlock the wisdom of the crowd for process improvement
    • Share process best practices

    Discover ARIS Enterprise Process Management

    ARIS for Faster Business Transformation

Here’s what you can do with FedRAMP Government Cloud.

Reduce CAPEX

We use a simplified Cost structure. No separate costs for hardware, software, hosting, maintenance, or reporting. Everything is bundled together in one package, that lets you focus on using products and not monitoring and maintaining the infrastructure.

Reduced ATO Timeline

Our FedRAMP package makes it simple. The pen-testing, the auditing, the reporting, and controls are already complete. Whether you chose to use the FedRAMP package in its entirety or just pieces of it, the baseline is done, streamlining the time to get an ATO.

Maximize Utilization

We use a modern architecture, that provides for self-healing, auto-scaling, and better reporting/monitoring, all while adhering to NIST 800-53 controls. This provides for Reduced RTO, increased uptime, and widely expanded RPO. You get to focus utilizing the products and not worrying about the backend.

Government Cloud FAQs


FedRAMP Moderate Authorization for Software AG Government Cloud Fact Sheet

Software AG Government Cloud is a PaaS provider for Software AG’s family of products including: TheAPI Management and IntegrationPlatform, webMethods (wM), including wM API Gateway, wM DeveloperPortal, and wM MFT (Managed File Transfer). The leading Business Process Analysis & Transformation suite, ARIS, The Process Mining, and Simulation solution, ARIS Process Mining (APM), The IT Planning…

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