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Bring mega order to microservices

webMethods Solves Your Problems

Managing Microservices

Microservices take advantage of the agility and scalability of the cloud. Only more changes to your applications mean more microservices. When an application stops working, how will you know which microservice is at fault? With webMethods, you’ll know the who, where and what of every microservice you use. And you’ll stay in control—apply one policy to control hundreds of microservices.

What you can do with webMethods

Innovate Faster

  • Connect anything using an open, standards-based integration platform that can run anywhere
  • Deliver innovative products faster using modular integration building blocks
  • Plug into industry-standard service meshes out of the box
  • Build in the language of your choice
  • Change your services quickly and easily using policies
  • Pre-built APIs and services, an event bus and in-memory data make implementation faster and more flexible

Key Benefits

Robust Runtime

Deliver integrations as microservices that are fault-tolerant, are highly scalable and interact securely using lightweight messaging or APIs. Ensure reliability with built-in fault tolerance and recovery. Manage infrastructure with a health check based on Prometheus™ and recovery capability.

Change Governance

React quickly to market and consumer needs while being in control of microservices. Change your services quickly and easily using policies, not code. Policies are like rules. You decide which microservices need to follow them.

API Management

With webMethods, you can expose microservices as public or private APIs and secure them. Bring your microservices into a unified control plane and manage them like you do your APIs. In fact, you can manage them alongside your APIs from the same UI.

Freedom of Choice

Choose your language, deployment pattern and cloud provider. webMethods is pre-integrated with the best industry tools like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift and supports several programming languages for service development: Java, C, C++ and native FLOW. Run webMethods runs on a variety of operating systems.

Continuous Delivery

A test-driven development methodology helps you achieve reliability and quality in a continuous integration/continuous delivery environment. Design test cases before starting development, and automate those tests to run in the DevOps lifecycle.

Self-registering Services

Avoid interruptions with webMethods. Simply plug in service registry support so that applications look up endpoint information at runtime. That way, users always get a response.

Self-healing Services

Control cascading failures with webMethods support for a “circuit breaker” architectural pattern. Set up custom health checks with out-of-the-box indicators like disk space, JDBC® pools, memory, Java® Message Service (JMS) connections and adapter connections.

Self-scaling Services

Deploy webMethods Microservices Runtime with Docker and Kubernetes for packing, distributing and managing your applications automatically. Out-of-the-box Docker scripts simplify deployment, and built-in readiness and liveness checks enable Kubernetes to manage your containers.

On-the-fly Docker deployment

Dynamically inject the right configuration at runtime using Docker variables without rebuilding the container. Select versions of services or packages that constitute the microservice at deployment. Rather than prebuilding static Docker images, deploy what you need, when you need it, by isolating the elements of your microservices runtime and building it on the fly.

Right-sized microservices

webMethods supports different levels of granularity and service patterns by enabling you to easily add modules for event routing, RDBMS support, flat file handling and more—up to and including all functionality in webMethods Integration Server.

Connectivity to data and apps

A full range of connectors support modern standards, such as OData, REST and the full complement of SOAP-based web service support. Save time with pre-built adapters—simply drag, drop and interface with dozens of commercial applications, both inside and outside the firewall.

High-performance messaging

webMethods comes preconfigured for high-performance, low-latency messaging within the enterprise and for web and mobile connections. For distributed microservice architectures, reliable, secure and scalable messaging supports asynchronous communication.