webMethods APIs & Integration

The world's most capable API Management and Integration platform.

Why webMethods?

Take a closer look below at just some of the reasons that webMethods is the choice for API integration and management.

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Key Capabilities

API management

Quickly deliver innovative self-service digital services to improve agency interactions and citizen service. 

G2G/G2B integration

Automate G2G or G2B processes from back-office ERP applications, such as SAP and Oracle®, to external systems using standards, such as EDI, XML and AS2. 

Mainframe integration

Unlock valuable mainframe data without modifying code. Connect mainframe applications to the web, cloud and social media data sources. 

Cloud native applications

Create, run and manage microservices-based apps using an adaptive, modern platform. Manage microservices in the same environment as APIs for simplicity and context awareness. 

Case Studies

U.S. Navy ERP

Navy ERP is the Department of Navy’s financial system of record. It streamlines the Navy’s business operations, namely financial and supply chain management.


  • Unify business processes into one system​
  • Drive continuous improvements with real-time analytics​
  • Enforce procurement policies​
  • Reduce planning cycle times​


  • Reduces inventory management costs by $100M/year​
  • Access a common set of secure data anywhere​
  • Produces auditable financial statements

Pennsylvania Justice Network (PA JNET)

Pennsylvania's primary public safety integration service provider


  • Providing data integration services that enable Commonwealth Agencies and local entities to transform their organization
  • Real Time Data Sharing


  • Cross Match Program – Inter Agency Data Sharing resulted in $200M+ potential savings in Fraud Prevention
  • Improves the delivery and sharing of information to over 40K users

What is webMethods?

Since 2005, the IRS has relied on webMethods as a common services and integration platform to overcome many challenges in its heterogeneous IT landscape


  • Redundant interfaces to common data.  No reuse.
  • Point to point interfaces that are costly to modify and maintain.
  • Complex interfaces due to lack of standards.
  • High latency of information flow between applications and external partners.
  • No foundation for process improvement and business visibility.


  • Maximize return on investment on existing technology investments and IT skills.
  • Simplified Architecture / Enterprise-wide Infrastructure.
  • Greater agility, flexibility, reliability, reusability, and responsiveness to the business.
  • Lower costs through reuse across the system development lifecycle.
  • Improved access and visibility to the business.
  • Common tools for internal and external integration.
  • Strategic Adoption of technology trends (e.g. APIS, SOA, ESB, Cloud) and standards (e.g. REST, JMS, WS)

Why the government chooses webMethods

Take a look at the brief breakdown below of why webMethods makes so much sense for government agencies. What you’ll find is that webMethods gets going almost immediately, can work almost anywhere and can grow with you as your needs increase.