A Strategic Approach To Modern Government IT Portfolio Management And EA Planning

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What does Strategic Portfolio Management look like in the Fed Gov?

Today, business capabilities, and the tech behind them, can be considered portfolios. For example, capabilities consist of business processes, in turn supported by business applications, and technical services. Technology portfolios in government agencies can extend across cloud-based solutions, on-premise solutions, and powerful mainframe systems.

To effectively manage these portfolios requires both business and technology groups to treat the data describing their operational capabilities as strategic assets. It’s no longer viable to treat distinct business processes or applications independently without considering the data that defines the quality and performance surrounding them both as an integrated system. The business and technology environments are now one and the same.

Government agencies like yours are under increasing pressure to modernize and transform their operations. They want to be more agile in response to change, and more secure in a world of cybersecurity threats. They also need to modernize and transform while meeting requirements like those presented in the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

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