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Webinar: Smart Manufacturing Discussion Panel with MxD and AWS - Offsite Link

Aerospace and Defense manufacturers are experiencing increased pressure to improve operational efficiencies, exceed SLAs, all while still delivering a state-of-the-art product to customers. Smart Manufacturing can enable your organization to face these pressures head on. A sound ‘Data Strategy’ is key to an effective Digital Transformation.

Join us for a fireside chat on all things Smart Manufacturing.

Meet a panel of thought-leaders on Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation of your business operations.

Location: Online

DGI Virtual Workshop: Achieve the Mission with Collaboration: Unlock Critical Data and Leverage the Data Cloud - Offsite Link

Collecting, storing, and analyzing data provides countless benefits to federal agencies, including deeper insights, accelerated mission effectiveness, and more efficient operations. How can your agency maximize data utilization to achieve mission impact? How can you ensure agency efforts to gain insight from data lead to mission enablement? This virtual workshop will explore how to leverage data to best support agency goals in an efficient, customer-focused, and scalable way.

Session Title: Achieve the Mission with Collaboration: Unlock Critical Data and Leverage the Data Cloud

Speakers: Bob Jeffcott, Principal Systems Engineer, Software AG Government Solutions and Brendan Schultz, Sales Engineer, US Public Sector, Snowflake

Location: Online

How APIs Bolster Zero Trust Strategies - Offsite Link

Watch Darryn Graham’s session from Digital Government Institute’s April 21st Zero Trust: The Fundamentals virtual conference to learn how Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) help fortify an organization’s Zero Trust strategy. This recording will explore the core principals of the NIST Zero Trust model, and map these into actionable guidance to protect systems with non-human (machine-to-machine)…

Location: Online

Modernize in Place with API-led Integration: Lower Risk & Accelerate Deployments - Offsite Link

Low-code/no-code platforms are the latest advancement in technology. Your integration platform should embrace that same low-code/no-code approach. You can integrate your existing legacy enterprise using a low-code/no-code integration platform quickly and easily. Watch this replay of Bob’s Digital Government Institute session to learn more about this approach to software development and how to modernize-in-place with API-led integration.

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Location: Online

The Business Value of Full Lifecycle API Management Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how to treat APIs as a strategic asset to ensure the right APIs are delivered in the right order, while avoiding potential pitfalls that can surface while trying to effectively govern the API inventory – and you will see how Software AG’s Strategic Portfolio Management platform, Alfabet, and API Management suite, webMethods, interoperate in a manner that enables the realization of an effective and efficient Full Lifecycle API Management approach. An approach that is business-driven to ensure APIs are well-aligned to the business strategies of the organization – and, through on-going planning, monitoring, and evaluating – avoids wasted time and effort developing APIs that have minimal strategic value.

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Location: Online

Enhance your Enterprise with Integrated Cloud Services utilizing AWS Webinar

In today’s ever changing landscape, meeting IT expectations quickly and effectively are more important than ever. See how you can make your enterprise more agile with AWS and Software AG Government Solutions. Watch to learn: AWS Capabilities and Benefits AWS Breadth and Depth of services Creating and orchestrating those services between your on prem applications…

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How SaaS is Taking Shape at Veterans Affairs - Offsite Link

As agencies increasingly migrate operations to the cloud and look to move their computing off-prem, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are becoming more popular because of their benefits in speed and scalability.

Hear from Drew Myklegard, executive director of demand management at Department of Veterans Affairs, and Chris Borneman, CTO of Software AG Government Solutions, in a GovFocus interview here.

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Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Financial Management Webinar - Offsite Link

In this webinar originally hosted by Digital Government Institute (DGI) and sponsored by Software AG Government Solutions, we look into one of the most critical collaborations for informed decision-making: the partnership between Financial Management and Enterprise Architecture (EA) Management, facilitated by the integration between Apptio, a leading Financial Management platform, and Alfabet, the leading EA platform.

Location: Online

Government IoT, Simplified. Webinar - Offsite Link

IoT devices are complicated, your strategy doesn't need to be. Learn how you can easily connect to complex ecosystem of devices, protocols, and sensors while centrally deploying, managing, and collecting insights from hundreds of devices. Needless to say, it is more important than ever to ensure you are set up for success to scale effectively throughout your enterprise using a vendor neutral, device agonistic IoT Device Management platform.