March 16, 2023 Location: Online

Webinar: Enterprise grade IoT – Connectivity and device management at scale - Offsite Link

Finding a solution that offers reliable, intuitive device management at scale is harder than it looks – every difficulty is magnified at scale. Learn how Software AG customers have used the Cumulocity IoT platform to remove complexity in connecting and managing thousands of devices, with simplified actions that easily scale to meet your needs.

Abstract technology big data background concept. Motion of digital data flow
March 15, 2023 Location: Online

Webinar: Accelerate your EA storytelling and empower decisions with best practice EA tools and services - Offsite Link

Every architecture professional knows the benefits of using a made-for-purpose tool to support the EA practice. Bruhati helped to achieve the needed insights, governance and operational efficiency of the program quickly. Therefore, a tool was chosen that could fulfil the goal to communicate the impact of multiple programs of work on the overall architectural landscape to senior executives, business change stakeholders and technical resources. Watch this webinar to learn how.

Cloud sitting on a desk in a computer server room
February 28, 2023 Location: Online

Webinar: Modernize Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics - Offsite Link

Bloor Analyst Daniel Howard explores the transformation impact cloud data analytic platforms are having on business and the value of including enterprise mainframe data. Discover how Software AG CONNX and StreamSets provide an optimal data integration solution for data analytics by modernizing your mainframe data and delivering it analytics-ready without disrupting business continuity. Empower your organization to turn data into value.

February 15, 2023 Location: Online

Webinar: Application and Technology Portfolio Management - Offsite Link

Start your strategic portfolio management practice by concentrating on what’s core - your application and technology portfolios. Join our webinar and learn how to create a central application and technology repository for greater transparency. Find out how to perform portfolio assessments to highlight potential problem areas, understand gaps in the architecture and reduce IT spend with IT rationalization. Discover how to improve IT agility to maintain competitive advantage and profit margins as well accelerate the time-to-market for digital business solutions.

November 17, 2022 Location: Online

Webinar: Medicaid Unwinding: Leveraging Technology to Support Faster Redeterminations - Offsite Link

How is your agency adapting to the high volumes of eligibility redeterminations and disenrollment’s while ensuring coverage continuity for eligible members? This is not an easy challenge to face alone especially when it is compounded with the sharp increase in Medicaid & CHIP program enrollments nationwide. This webinar will go over solutions to help you address these challenges while keeping up with high demand without disruption.

November 10, 2022 Location: Online

Webinar: How to Quantify the ROI of your Data Stack – Questions You Need to Ask - Offsite Link

Are you getting more time back than you put in with your analytics project? How long does it take to onboard a new dataset? Who views what dashboards and for how long? These, and other questions will better help you understand the value of the data and analytics routinely put together on projects. Often, these questions will unlock different understandings of what is extremely valuable and what may not be important at all, not just from the immediate stakeholders but from the entire organization.
October 27, 2022 Location: Online

Digital Government Institute Webinar: Embracing Strategic Portfolio Management - Offsite Link

Enter the newly created Strategic Portfolio Management market research area that has elevated IT Portfolio Management to a higher level. This presentation will talk about the changes organizations and agencies will face in order to realize the value from being strategic in their actions, their responsibilities, and the continuous monitoring of strategic portfolios. From the senior executives to the data stewards, this session will outline how to cultivate new strategic behaviors throughout the enterprise. Join Jeff Chancellor and Digital Government Institute on October 27 at 1:00 PM ET.

August 30, 2022 Location: Online

Webinar: Incorporate your Mainframe Apps to Low Code/No Code Platforms

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to incorporate key legacy functions quickly and easily into your low code/no code platform
  • How to map and transform data between legacy applications and low code/no code platforms
  • How to sync data between on-prem and cloud solutions
June 09, 2022 Location: Online

Webinar: How APIs Bolster Zero Trust Strategies - Offsite Link

Watch Darryn Graham's session from Digital Government Institute's April 21st Zero Trust: The Fundamentals virtual conference here. Learn how Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) help fortify an organization's Zero Trust strategy. This session will explore the core principals of the NIST Zero Trust model, and map these into actionable guidance to protect systems with non-human (machine-to-machine) interfaces. Register here!