Adabas & Natural

Adabas & Natural for Application Modernization

Adabas & Natural for Application Modernization

You’ve relied on Adabas & Natural for decades. Look ahead to a future where you can continue to make the most of that investment and the unique logic built into your core applications.


Adabas Encryption Software for z/OS®

Protect your Adabas data against access by unauthorized agents Adabas Encryption for z/OS® helps you protect your data and stay fully compliant with growing security regulations. Encrypt your entire database, or specific data sets, using the powerful and secure hardware-based native encryption capabilities on IBM Z . Apply industry-leading security, maintain database performance Organizations running…

Adabas Auditing for z/OS®

Adabas Auditing for z/OS is a powerful, secure and easy-to-use web-based tool that helps your organization stay fully compliant with ever-growing regulations.