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Data Integration to Drive Outcomes for State & Local Health and Human Services Agencies

State and local health and human services agencies provide critical services to the most vulnerable populations across the nation. The technology systems that support administering these benefits are often complex and varied, ranging from modern cloud platforms to legacy mainframe applications. The commonality across all is that data integration tools are required to enable the…

C4ISR Article: What’s the US Army’s greatest weapon? Data.

We often hear U.S. Army generals describe today’s data challenges as finding a needle in a haystack, and even finding a needle within a stack of needles. These metaphors point to the complexities the service faces when it comes to accessing and leveraging data across an ever-growing ecosystem, which includes everything from logistics to supply…

webMethods G2G & G2B Integration

webMethods G2G & G2B Integration

Eliminate the headaches and fees that come with maintaining multiple B2B systems. With webMethods, you’ll have a single solution for secure transmission and translation of B2B documents—shipping notices, invoices, purchase orders and more.

webMethods Application Integration

webMethods Application Integration

Connect systems, applications, clouds, data and devices with the simplicity of a single platform: webMethods, #1 in application integration.

Health IT Answers: How HHS Can Advance CX Through an Integrated Citizen-Centric Approach

Driven by President Biden’s Customer Experience (CX) Executive Order and the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), 2023 is the year where agencies are embracing new ways to better meet citizen and constituent needs. For example, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is taking steps to advance CX by working hard to support the coordination between benefit programs to…

Software AG Government Solution's API Integration for Government

The VA’s Zero Trust North Star Journey Can Start with APIs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Chief Information Officer Kurt DelBene recently stated that the VA has made significant progress in transforming the agency’s cybersecurity posture. Much of this is based on using Zero Trust as a “north star” for guiding the security of the agency’s IT systems and veterans’ data – moving away from traditional perimeter-based…

Generative AI: The Transformative Shift in iPaaS for Government

Generative AI And Data Integration: The Transformative Shift in iPaaS for Government

Just when the federal government is starting to embrace Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), a seismic shift is fully upon us in the form of Generative AI. As a platform that connects disjointed systems and solutions into one unified solution, iPaaS enables this by bringing together multiple applications and their data by applying business…

The Future of HHS is Integrated

Presented by Bob Jeffcott, Principal Systems Engineer – Software AG Government Solutions, and Jacque Gombach, CEO – Captuva About this talk The Mission of Health and Human Services(HHS) department is clear: Promoting well-being, ensuring safety, improving health, and enhancing the employment possibilities for the citizens served by the various agencies at every level of government.…

Webinar: Medicaid Unwinding: Leveraging Technology to Support Faster Redeterminations

Presented by Carole Hussey, Evolv Strategy Group; Kevin Jones, Cardinality.ai; and Bob Jeffcott, Software AG Government Solutions About this talk How is your agency adapting to the high volumes of eligibility redeterminations and disenrollment’s while ensuring coverage continuity for eligible members? This is not an easy challenge to face alone especially when it is compounded…