Press Release: Software AG Government Solutions redefines agency integration with ‘Super iPaaS’ to support IT modernization

New category of integration platform is necessary to help manage sprawling tech infrastructure for government agencies

Reston, VA (October 19, 2023):

Software AG Government Solutions is re-defining government agency integration with the launch of the ‘Super iPaaS’ – a new category of integration platform necessary to support overall government IT modernization efforts.

The ‘Super iPaaS’ will help manage the chaos of connectivity caused by rising, disparate and siloed data sources: a growing and formidable challenge for today’s government agencies that current integration tools cannot tackle because they are too focused on only one or two relevant capabilities and cannot handle hybrid multi-cloud environments.

A Super iPaaS helps agencies maintain good IT governance while giving them ways to become more agile to better meet mission goals. In order to do this, it must have five key components, the inclusion of which is what makes the Super iPaaS different from all integration tools that came before.

The five capabilities are:

  1. Integrates Applications + Data + APIs + B2B + Event streams.
  2. True cloud-first enterprise end-to-end hybrid integration: mainframe to cloud.
  3. Global to meet data sovereignty laws yet managed centrally to assure governance.
  4. A common user-interface across all aspects of the platform.
  5. Leverages the power of generative AI to drive agility and productivity.

Software AG Government Solutions fulfils the criteria for the Super iPaaS with its and StreamSets products.

“Government agencies commit significant resources and time to securely access and leverage data across a broad spectrum of technologies that often were developed during multiple generations of IT innovation,” said Hank Bailey, President of Software AG Government Solutions. “Our Super iPaaS solution is an agency integration proposition unlike any other. It provides secure and scalable connectivity to any technology, no matter when it was created or where it is deployed — helping agencies deliver on the mission of integrating anything, anywhere.”

The Super iPaaS helps organizations find benefits in three key areas:

  • It enables agencies to be more agile: Agencies become able to adapt as quickly as the commercial technology landscape in their IT modernization efforts. With a unified platform across data and application integration, they get a seamless flow of data so they can make decisions using their data and put them into action immediately. They can develop integrations anyway and anyhow their teams prefer, and then deploy them in any cloud or region in a click.
  • It lets agencies be more mission focused: With a unified integration platform, teams need to learn less so they can collaborate more. They can build applications and experiences and deploy them as APIs in one motion. It lets government technologists automate workflows using generative AI but manage them centrally to avoid shadow integrations.
  • It gives agencies control to reduce their risk: With centralized control and distributed execution, integrations can run anywhere. With a “single pane of glass” across their integrations, APIs and data pipelines for end-to-end visibility across transactions, organizations have a unified experience for all integrations that delivers complete observability and offers compliance without adding chaos.

About Software AG Government Solutions

Software AG Government Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG USA, Inc. We are dedicated to serving the Public Sector, Higher Education, and Aerospace & Defense communities in the United States. Our world-class software products (webMethods, Alfabet, ARIS, Cumulocity, Adabas & Natural) are focused on reducing the complexity of IT ecosystems that have evolved over many years. We help our customers understand what IT they have, how to optimize their architecture, and execute on a fully integrated modern enterprise. We leverage a highly effective “Prove IT First and Prove IT Fast” approach to solving complex IT challenges. Widely embraced by our customers, this approach has been proven to minimize risks associated with IT investments. To learn more, please visit:

“Our new Super iPaaS solution is an agency integration proposition that doesn’t exist anywhere else,” said Hank Bailey, President and Chairman of the Board of Software AG Government Solutions.  “Now it’s possible to integrate anything, anywhere, which unlocks the true potential of data for government.”


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