Why Managing APIs is Critical for Government Agencies

API management for government agencies requires a unique digital ecosystem for it to be compliant with federal, state, and municipal laws. Many government agencies don’t have API management software (let alone use APIs) and because of that, are more susceptible to hackers, bugs, and crashes of their systems.

With API management tools developed with government agencies in mind, your team can deploy APIs quickly, update them when needed, and correct any errors swiftly. API management makes government agencies launch updates quicker, since the digital ecosystem allows an API to be created from start to finish in the same place. Staff can have a clear overview of changes made and fast-track development by avoiding redundancies.

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and as an interface, it integrates servers and databases with different applications. It is a bridge between different digital software and databases, making connections to provide citizens with services.

What is API management and why is it important for government agencies?

At government agencies, APIs are needed to connect different databases to provide users with the data they need. Since many services (such as public utilities) require data from multiple sources to operate, APIs are an essential feature for efficiency.

Every time a government employee (or even a citizen) utilizes an API-reliant technology, your databases are susceptible to breaches if they aren’t carefully filtered and protected.

That’s where API management comes in. It allows developers to implement authentication, authorization, digital encryption, and digital signatures on digital apps, to guarantee their safety against data breaches. And that’s not the only purpose of API management. With management, you can analyze APIs to correct bottlenecks, implement workflows, and reduce latency with data storage.

Government API management with webMethods

Software AG’s webMethods is a proprietary API management solution created exclusively for government agencies. That means that, unlike commercial tools, it complies 100% with government legislation and guidelines for data usage. Learn more about webMethods offerings below:

webMethods API Features

  • Keep APIs and data safe: Implement authentication procedures and access control to protect your agency’s APIs. Set limits and thresholds on API usage and monitor traffic.
  • Protective caching: Meet unexpected demand for APIs with cache policies. Don’t let your systems crash due to a spike.
  • Create API mashups: Combine applications into a single service.
  • Monitor API usage: Control costs by limiting API usage in your agency.
  • AppMesh: Organize microservices into applications.
  • Microservice management: Group microservices together for easy management.

What can a government agency do with webMethods?

webMethods is a complete API management tool for government agencies. Thus, developers have a complete digital ecosystem for building APIs, setting up portals, eliminating threats, and managing asset life cycles. It provides everything a developer needs to launch an API from scratch, update it, make adjustments, and retire them when needed. Here’s everything you can do with webMethods:

Build APIs

As mentioned above, developers can create an API from scratch and, better yet, your team doesn’t need to structure the API. There’s an automated solution available to make the API for you. We also offer complete support for REST, SOAP, GraphQL, OData, WebSocket, and JSON™ API.

Set up an API portal

Create an exclusive API portal for your team to launch applications, integrate them with third parties, and upload documentation. An API portal makes it easy to onboard new developers, who can arrive at the agency, and have a clear overview of what has already been implemented.

Secure APIs and Microservices

Protect your data by providing DMZ-level protection from malicious attacks and limiting API access only to authenticated users. Block specific IP addresses of concern from using your applications.

Manage the full API Lifecycle

Design, develop, deploy, version, and retire APIs in a single digital ecosystem. Reuse assets from APIs and track dependencies.

More Government API solutions

Besides API management, at Software AG Government Solutions you find a full suite of API services for government agencies.

We’ve developed technological solutions for the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard, as well as the Department of Treasury and the Pennsylvania Justice Network.

Our team specializes in the following API services:

  • Application integration: Integrate databases, systems, applications, clouds, and isolated data silos for a seamless user experience.
  • G2C/G2B Integration: Transfer documents between your agency, businesses, and citizens safely: notices, invoices, purchase orders, and more. Store them safely on the cloud – no need to invest in hardware.
  • Mainframe Integration: Update legacy software seamlessly. We can modernize the UX of old software and connect old mainframes to new channels and apps.
  • Cloud-native applications: Make cloud applications safe, manage microservices, and perform updates in real-time. With our cloud-native service, you have transparency over what’s happening in the cloud and can make adjustments easily to correct bugs.

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If your agency currently relies on legacy software and needs to be fast-tracked to use mobile applications and update its database integrations, then our API services can be of good use.

And if you already use APIs, but are encountering bugs frequently, or simply don’t have the human resources to create new APIs quickly, we can help speed the process up.

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