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Adabas Database Management System

Ultra-high-performance and reliable data processing for enterprise transactions.

Optimized for large-scale transaction processing, Software AG’s Adabas Database Management System Platform provides ultra-high-performance and reliable data processing for enterprise business transactions.

Adabas Database Management System Platform

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Adabas Database Management System for Mainframe - Feature DiagramManage data without limits and leverage your data to meet constantly changing business demands.

Adabas delivers extremely high transaction levels—more than 1 million commands per second – with a fraction of the staff and resources needed for a comparable relational database management system.

Adabas runs on mainframe and Linux®, UNIX® and Windows® (LUW) platforms.

What You Can Do with the Platform

Process Data Fast

  • Adabas is the fastest transactional database—period

Manage Data on Many Platforms

  • As you transition to new platforms, take your Adabas system with you
  • Use Adabas on mainframe and LUW platforms

Meet Integration Demands

  • Adabas allows flexible and standards-based data access and replication

Key Benefits

Count on Reliable Transactions

Meet growing demands in data processing. Achieve high availability under any workload.

Deliver High Performance

Adabas serves increasing demands for speed and scalability and meets SLAs with optimal efficiency.

Assure Flexible Data Integration

Adabas allows implementation of multiple data integration scenarios and supports existing and new data architectures.

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Low Administration

Adabas was designed to be administered by just one or two DBAs.


Adabas is well known for iron-clad reliability and failover protection.


Handles any volume of data, capable of processing 1+ million commands per second.


Tools are available for securing data at rest and data in motion as well as data masking.


Adabas offers an archiving tool that can be used to move and safeguard data to comply with data retention laws.

Disaster Recovery

Use Adabas-to-Adabas replication for real-time “hot-standby” disaster recovery.

SQL Access

Provide standard SQL access to external application or business intelligence tools.


Assure real-time replication of changed Adabas data to Adabas, RDBMS and applications.


Adabas was designed to be easily portable between mainframe and LUW platforms. Adabas runs on z/OS®, z/VSE®, z/Linux® and on LUW open-systems platforms.

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Business Needs

Continuous & cost-efficient operations

Adabas and its add-on tools take advantage of new technologies and innovations to provide exceptional transaction speed, availability and scalability at a manageable cost.

Support for unlimited data growth

In 2011, it took two days to create 5 Exabytes. Today it takes 10 minutes. Adabas delivers tremendous throughput and scalability to support the immense data growth arising from the combination of structured and unstructured data used across business processes.

Robust security

Avoid being front-page news. Adabas helps protect your enterprise from a security breach by enabling you to protect data at flight and at rest across applications. Adabas security tools can be an integral part of your comprehensive data security policy.

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