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Unlock your data, reuse business processes and deliver a better user experience

Connect your mainframe to the future of your business. Leverage your existing investments in mainframe applications as you innovate with new technologies to expand your business, optimize operations and deliver better customer service … without constraint.

Your organization’s DNA is in your custom-developed application, it is what makes you unique. Move to a packaged application and you lose the institutional knowledge captured in the processes refined over the years and confuse your users. Try to replace it and you will likely incur unacceptable risks and costs. Stay put and you’re scared to touch it. What you need is to set your mainframe free.

With Mainframe Integration from Software AG, you can connect your key application assets—data, business logic and user interface—to a whole world of opportunities. Whether you are looking to innovate, address new regulations, merge & acquire or radically change your business, we can help build new without tearing down what already exists, risk-free with a return-to-value in just hours or days.

Reuse your custom, mainframe applications to accelerate your modernization projects and strategic initiatives. Share your data, APIenable the business logic and modernize the user experience with Mainframe Integration from Software AG.

Key benefits

• Quickly reuse a wide-range of mainframe systems with modern, digital technologies
• Innovate without replacing what works
• Support new digital experiences and business models
• Provide better service to your customers through new channels
• Improve workforce productivity and mobility
• Easily populate data lakes, business intelligence and analytics platforms to gain better insights
• Integrate or migrate to the cloud
• Participate in API ecosystems
• Feel secure using technology proven at hundreds of companies and governments worldwide

Unlock mainframe data

Open your data silos and share decades of valuable data stored in your mainframe system. Provide your organization the information they need to gain more insights using analytics to innovate and move your business forward.

Data access & virtualization

Give analysts and users across your organization the ability to run queries against your mainframe data with desktop tools like Excel® and the latest analytic platforms in the cloud. You can also provide a single virtual view of all your mainframe data, including flat files, and more than 150 additional data types across multiple platforms in Standard Query Language (SQL) format.

Data movement & replication

Easily extract, transform and load (ETL) your mainframe data to modern databases, data warehouses, data lakes and cloud analytic platforms. Let us set your data free to move to where it is needed and how it is needed.

Hybrid data synchronization

Moving to the cloud? You can keep your legacy on-premises data in sync with data on Azure®, AWS® or Google® Cloud in real or near-real time. Maintaining a hybrid environment allows you to migrate to the cloud at your own pace.

Reuse business logic

What possibilities for innovation can you imagine if you could take any business process a user performs today, automate it and encapsulate it—turning it into an Application Programming Interface (API) — to be called from anywhere? Now generate this automatically, in just a click. Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities.

API enablement

Quickly connect your mainframe application with any new application, on premises or in the cloud with APIs. With just a click, you can generate REST API services from your business logic without redeveloping the application. Not only can you reuse your mainframe functionality by becoming an API provider, but you can also enrich your mainframe application functionality by consuming APIs from other sources.

Non-invasive integration

If your application source code is lost or not set up properly to encode as an API, you can still API enable your mainframe application with screen-based integration. Capture your 3270 screens to quickly turn this application into an API provider … without touching your code.

Modernize the user experience

Make a better connection with your users by improving their productivity. Don’t just eliminate tedious green screens, create a better user experience (UX) by improving processes with redesigned workflows, intuitive web interfaces and modern apps.

User Interface Modernization

Make your application available on a browser with web terminal emulation and web enablement without touching your code. On the browser, you can change the user workflow, add new business logic, and aggregate data from multiple data sources to create a better experience and improve the productivity of your users. Users will never know a mainframe system is running in the background.

Legacy process optimization

Processes based on green screens are cumbersome and costly—often requiring redundant data entry and broken processes across systems. Improve the productivity of employees and partners and simplify the onboarding of new employees by automating and integrating 3270 user screen flows with REST APIs to create better digital process flows with a modern user experience.




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