Aerospace & Defense Overview

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Corporate Overview

Software AG Government Solutions is a market leader in best-in-class commercial software dedicated to serving the U.S. Federal and State & Local Government markets as well as the A&D supplier community. Software AG is trusted by the world’s leading companies across banking, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, and technology sectors and the U.S. federal government including IRS, SSA, DHS, and the DoD – to connect their enterprise. Our solutions remove the barriers of connecting data from every source – from cloud to edge – across an extended enterprise. We are recognized by Gartner and Forrester as leaders in API Management and Hybrid Integration, Industrial IoT (IIOT) platforms, and IT Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture.

Make Data Driven Decisions: Business & IT Transformation

Our IT Strategic Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture platform, Alfabet, empowers organizations to plan, invest and perform effectively by tightly coupling business priorities and IT returns with current and future architecture initiatives. It helps decision-makers make better investment decisions and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how, and why to change the IT portfolio. This offering is complemented by Business Process Architecture, Modeling, Analysis, and Mining capabilities, making it a comprehensive enterprise IT management platform. This platform allows the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to get line of sight across their $2.7B of IT budget providing decision support to leadership for strategic planning and road mapping and aligning Business & IT while making enterprise architecture relevant to the business.

Featured A&D Customer

Airbus: Taking Flight with IT Transformation & Business Process Excellence – Airbus requires precision in everything they do. This need for precision also applies to their infrastructure and processes supporting their IT and Business operations. This is made possible by continuous process improvement and greater visibility into their IT landscape through Aris and Alfabet, Software AG’s Business and IT Transformation offering.

Liberate Data: APIs & Integration

Our APIs & Integration platform, webMethods, provides connectivity to everything – business systems, data, devices, SaaS apps, and APIs – bringing together all your systems and data sources to deliver a comprehensive and trusted view of your business functions across your entire organization and its components. The US Navy, for example, was able to finally integrate their financial systems and supply chain across 73 different applications and DoD partners. This enabled them to provide secure access to a common set of data anywhere, produce auditable financial results, and reduce inventory management costs by $100M per year.

Featured A&D Customer

Boeing: Modernizing Supply Chain through a touchless fully integrated Order-to-cash process- Boeing Distribution Incorporated, one of the critical business divisions of Boeing strives to achieve a real- time, hands-free, automated B2B, supply chain business model to streamline transactions in its Order-to-Cash process by seamlessly and securely integrating its SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning System and its defense customers. Boeing leverages webMethods to innovate and modernize its business operations. Boeing also has a business relationship with Exostar, a marketplace for procurement powered by webMethods that maintains and transacts with the A&D supplier network of companies.

Operationalize Data: Industrial IoT & Analytics

Our self-service Industrial IoT & Analytics platform, Cummulocity, connects networked devices and sensors allowing users to rapidly create IoT solutions. With built-in device management, analytics, and dashboards you can also integrate your IoT devices with your business systems. The comprehensiveness, reliability, and simplicity of our platform were drivers in Siemens choosing us to underpin their Mindsphere IoT platform. Our platform enabled the combination of machine data with data from virtually any application – on-premises and in the cloud – making it a truly global IoT ecosystem solution.

Featured A&D Customer

Top 10 A&D Company – Enhance workplace safety by detecting and tracking proximity through on- person sensors – Amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and industries need Proximity tracking to keep its personnel safe and secure, as people are the most important assets of a company. One customer requires this tracking as a strategic aspect of its ongoing and future operations. This solution is being built at a rapid pace using wearable sensors and Cumulocity.

Who We Are

We focus on building trusted relationships with our customers. That starts with our highly effective “Prove IT First and Prove IT Fast” approach to solving mission-critical IT challenges. We quickly prove the viability of our solutions in a customer’s environment with superior products and experienced technical resources in minimal time with little to no cost. Embraced by our customers, this approach has been proven to minimize risks associated with Business & IT investments.


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