Alfabet Application Management Fact Sheet

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Do your applications meet business targets?

Learn how Alfabet from Software AG helps Managers of Applications gain control of the application landscape and support the business in hitting its targets.

The company expects you, as Manager of Applications, to deliver an application landscape that is in line with current business needs and is transparent and cost effective. In addition, the application landscape should be agile so that the company can react to changing business models and market conditions.

Unfortunately, the application landscape is often plagued with redundant functionality and lack of transparency. The result: uncontrolled costs and a reluctance to change anything—which in turn frustrates the business.

Help is here: Leading international companies use integrated IT portfolio management (ITPM) and enterprise architecture (EA) capabilities to ensure that the application landscape is transparent and proactively managed to control costs and deliver agility. Interested in knowing how?

Learn more about Alfabet and Applications Management by reading this fact sheet.



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