IIOT-Enabled Asset Tracking: Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency Webinar

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Rajesh Shetty and Rich Wagner from Software AG Government Solutions

About this talk

Manufacturing operations is experiencing increased pressure to improve operational efficiencies and exceed SLAs, all while still delivering a state-of-the-art product to your customer. Asset tracking, monitoring and management can enable your organization to face these pressures head-on. The right technology can help you take control of all your valuable assets, minimize losses, reduce audit risk, and get ahead with predictive maintenance and analytics.

View to learn why implementing this solution will drive efficiency, reduce costs, and be a true differentiator for your organization.

Reasons to Watch:
1. Learn the value of asset tracking, monitoring and management
2. Understand how technology can drive improved safety, enhanced maintenance, and better supply chain management
3. Hear the top use cases and stories in Aerospace & Defense
4. Learn why Gartner has named Cumulocity IOT a leader


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