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Cumulocity IoT – Components and Capabilities

Cumulocity – Device Integration Platform

Cumulocity is an independent device and application management Internet of Things (IoT) platform.
It connects and manages devices and assets efficiently, controlling them remotely.
• Connect devices and assets over any network
• Monitor conditions and generate real-time analytics
• React immediately to conditions or situations


Cumulocity gives very fast visibility and control over remote assets, be these houses, cars, machines orany other assets that needing to be managed.

Cumulocity provides:
• Certified hardware kits and software libraries that can be used to bring remote assets into the cloud
• Device management, data visualization and remote control functionality through the web
• Rapid customization of the above through Cumulocity Event Language rules and Cumulocity
APIs for extending the existing functionality or interfacing Cumulocity with other IT services such as
ERP or CRM systems. Cumulocity can also host HTML5 application.

All this is provided through a cloud-based (or on-premise) subscription service making the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with Cumulocity fundamentally different from bespoke development and RAD (rapid application development). Users can start immediately with a large amount of existing functionality without worrying about IT infrastructure (hosting, networking, security, storage and backup) and IT management (all software is available to users).

Cumulocity works with any network architecture, but is specifically designed to work out of
the box with mobile networks. In the following sections, we will give a short overview of the
different functional areas with references to more detailed descriptions

Download this  product description to learn more about our IoT platform in Cumulocity IoT.


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