New Adabas Security Options for z/OS: Encryption

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Becky Albin, Senior Director, Systems Engineering, Software AG Government Solutions

About this talk

Adabas Encryption for z/OS will encrypt your Adabas data-at-rest by utilizing IBM’s z/OS Pervasive Encryption; making the Adabas data unusable to unauthorized users/attackers outside of the mainframe environment. Adabas Encryption for z/OS together with hardware encryption and proper use of mainframe security packages (RACF, ACF2, Top Secret) will close security holes in your mainframe. This encryption of data-at-rest can be performed with NO application changes.

Watch this webinar to learn:
• What are the security risks facing today’s mainframe in the Digital Enterprise?
• Why do you need Adabas encryption?
• Difference between Adabas encryption and hardware/disk storage encryption



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