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webMethods AppMesh
Adding application context toyour microservices

Get more visibility, agility, and control over complex microservices-based apps by layering in the webMethods AppMesh. With the AppMesh, built on the industry-leading webMethods API Management Platform, you can understand app usage, apply policies without redeploying, and implement granular access at the application level. Configure, don’t code—with the webMethods AppMesh.

AppMesh works for the Business

Business are adopting microservices for agility and scalability. Along with distributed microservices architectures come the challenges of service discovery, connectivity, security, and fault tolerance in the cloud. The service mesh was created to address these network-level concerns. But the fluid nature of business requirements for the application are more difficult to handle. webMethods AppMesh is designed to plug into Service Mesh and add a layer of microgateways in a unified control plane to understand, customize, and control your app. You’ll be able to:

• Manage app adoption with lightweight, scoped visualization and metrics of app consumption
• Enhance access controls for user-level authorization and authentication
• Route users to the appropriate service using content and context-based policies
• Add and subtract services in the mesh as part of the app
• Enable API reuse through automatically exposed API descriptors

Benefits of AppMesh

Deep visibility into how the app is running, who’s using it, and what they’re doing
• Granular app access and throttling
• Create customized responses for end users based on consumer characteristics
• Add new services and capabilities to the app without changing a line of code
• Automatically share services no matter what the underlying technology, so you don’t have silos of
data in the cloud
• Easily provision and scale the AppMesh across a microservices architecture
• Plug into service meshes like Istio easily to gain network-level service management
• Centralize app governance in your landscape


Custom Access Protection
Protect microservices and reduce risk of exposure with advanced user identification and security policies. Use web-friendly authentication and authorization technologies like JSON web tokens, SAML, API keys, OAuth or Open ID, or create data masking policies for sensitive user PII data.

Sophisticated Policy-Based Control
Understand what your users are doing and control how your app is responding with a range of policies that can be applied at runtime. For each service invocation, you can define:
• Policies that control routing based on the content of the message or the context
• Policies that do custom logging and auditing
• Policies that use inbound information to populate specific parameters to modify the
• Policies that perform conditional error handling for graceful failover
• And much more!

Traffic Monitoring and Control
Throttle traffic with policies to manage the load on provider services. Apply limits to service invocations during a specific time interval for identified clients. Log all traffic requests and responses for analysis.

Plug in to the Service Mesh
AppMesh is pre-integrated with industrystandard service meshes like Istio. Take advantage of all the network-level microservices management capabilities built into a service mesh and layer add in the application context by injecting AppMesh. Completely non-intrusive, it has no effect on service mesh behavior and comes in a small footprint for fast startup.

Dashboard for service visibility
Trace the path a transaction takes through your service mesh with the AppMesh dashboard, filtered to include only the services in your application. Understand how your app is being used by exploring the metrics and monitoring that’s automatically captured

Add and remove services from the AppMesh
Add new services and if desired, automatically inherit the policies assigned to all other services in your app. Bring new capabilities online with no downtime.

Automatically expose API interface
AppMesh makes an API signature available for every service in the mesh, enabling reuse
across the service landscape. In addition, these APIs can now be managed and governed
with an end-to-end API lifecycle management platform.

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webMethods API Management

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